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Narconon Arrowhead Withdrawal Student Reviews

drug freeThe following are a series of reviews from the Narconon Arrowhead drug free withdrawal program. This is a drug free and effective solution to handle the acute effects of stopping drug use. It should be noted that anyone applying for this program must receive a full physical and approval from a doctor before starting. Continue reading

Clients Talk About Whether Narconon Arrowhead Drug Free Withdrawal Is Effective

find yourselfNarconon Arrowhead offers a drug free withdrawal program to help clients to recover from the acute effects of drugs. The program is dependent on a doctor examination and approval and the length is also determined on an individual basis. The program uses vitamin therapy, assists, nutrition and simple exercises to alleviate effects from drugs. Here is what a series of clients had to say about the withdrawal process at Narconon Arrowhead: Continue reading

Two Parents Speak Out on Narconon Arrowhead Outcomes

group talkingParents of an addict can feel hopeless or lost. They may have trouble understanding why their loved one can’t quit their destructive behavior and turn their lives around on their own. The addict themselves may not see that even though it is their life that is out of control, that their addiction is also affecting everyone who cares for them. In this way addiction tears many families apart, and often these relationships cannot be restored until the addict is able to reach out for help. Narconon Arrowhead recently shared the story of Linda & Lyman, two parents whose son was addicted to methamphetamine. They credit the Narconon program for saving their son’s life, which was falling. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Reviews from Recent Program Graduates

drug freeBelow are a series of reviews from recent Narconon Arrowhead program graduates:

Before I Came to Narconon Arrowhead

Before I came to Narconon I was frightened of where I was in my life and I didn’t know where I was going or what I was going to do with my life. I had no hope at all. If I kept using drugs I probably would have died. I needed to change what I was doing and go get help. So, I came to Narconon and it was the best decision I made in my whole life. I arrived at Narconon and I was nervous of going to withdrawal and didn’t want to be here for a long time away from my family, but I knew I had to do it. I got out of withdrawal in a couple of days and moved on to book 1. Then, I wanted to leave. I was doing everything possible to leave, but I decided to stay until after sauna. In sauna, I was actually having fun, which I never thought would be possible. My body was feeling a lot better and I was actually sleeping again. I figured that if I felt better, then something must be working. I decided to stay for the rest of the program. I started on book 3 and it was definitely one of my favorite books. I learned how to learn, which helped me with all the other books. I moved to books 4a and 4b. In book 4a I worked on my TRs so I could use them in objectives. Objectives was my number one favorite part of the program. I had a lot of amazing wins and I am grateful for that. I moved on to books five through eight. Those books helped me mentally which I really needed. I go so many amazing wins out of this program and the biggest one of all, is that I have my life back. KB Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Clients Discuss Gains From Sauna Detox Program

saunaThe following are a series of reviews on the Narconon sauna detox program. The sauna program is a comprehensive part of the Narconon treatment curriculum aimed at resolving the physical aspect of substance abuse. Those undergoing treatment in the sauna, also called the New Life Detoxification program are on a specific regimen of vitamins, mineral supplements have foods that are highly recommended as well as water intake. The program involves sweating for intermitted periods in a dry heat sauna so one can sweat toxins out of the body. Continue reading

How I Overcame The Guilt From Drug Use

guiltThe following is a review from a graduate of our Narconon Arrowhead program named Liberty. Though her addiction started at a young age, with the help and support of her family and her own hard work she overcame the problem and has fought a difficult battle and won. Here is her story:

Over 18 months ago the reflection in the mirror staring back at me was life-less, the once bright eyes were dull and swimming in a pool of darkness. And the shame and guilt I had from years of drug use, I kept hidden under a mask of anger and at times rage. I was beat down and did not care about myself any longer. I would wake up each morning saying to myself this is going to be the last day I use drugs and every night I would lay down praying I had the strength to sustain the demon that I knew would be scratching to do its bidding once it had risen from the darkness once again. Addiction is powerful, it controls you, manipulates you and drives you to do things that in your right state of mind you know is immoral and unethical. But that’s the demon as an addict you fight daily. Continue reading

What the Narconon Arrowhead Sauna Did For Three Grads

sauna programThe following are reviews of the Narconon Arrowhead sauna program from three graduates. The sauna program, also called The New Life Detoxification Program is a safe and effective way to get drug toxins out of the body, which are responsible for relapse. Those undergoing the sauna treatment have reported feeling clearer, having more energy and a new outlook on life.

Here are the reviews.  Continue reading