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In New Reviews Narconon Arrowhead Students Say Sauna Gives Fresh Start

sauna programThe Narconon Sauna program cleanses toxins from drug use stored in fat cells in the body, and gives addicts a fresh start. Many clients of the program reported feeling clearer, having more energy and a renewed vigor for life during and after completion.

Here are a series of reviews from those that completed the sauna program at the Narconon Arrowhead facility in Canadian, Oklahoma. Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Client Gives Thanks For Program

happyDrug use can dramatically alter and ruin a person’s life.  Where once they were clear-headed, confident and productive, they become subject to clouded judgment, irrational fears, depression, anxiety, paranoia and general ill health.  An individual may even realize that drugs are controlling and adversely affecting their life, but may feel powerless against the death hold of addiction.  Some individuals even try to stop drug use on their own or with the help of various recovery treatment programs, and sink further still into despair when these attempts fail to resolve their addiction. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Opens Up About Sauna Treatment Program

saunaMost people assume that a drug rehabilitation treatment program includes helping the participant through the difficult drug withdrawal stage.  Some programs include counseling to help the individual get to the root of their drug use problems and gain the skills necessary to move forward into a drug-free life.  But few programs effectively address or remove the source of drug cravings and drug-related depression and anxiety: residual drug toxins that can remain in the cells of the body long after the individual has stopped using drugs.  It is these residual toxins that can often cause an individual to relapse into drug use after rehabilitation treatment and it is free from these residual toxins that an individual can hope to have a drug-free life. Continue reading

Graduate Speaks Out On Recovery Through Our Narconon Arrowhead Program

drug freeA little over a year and a half ago, Liberty Burkhart found herself drowning because of drug addiction, no longer caring about herself or her life.  Years of drug abuse caused her constant shame and guilt, which Liberty tried to hide with anger and rage.  Each morning she asserted to herself that it would be the last day she would use drugs, but each night she prayed for the strength to fight the demon she felt inside her.  In Liberty’s own words, “Addiction is powerful, it controls you, manipulates you and drives you to do things that in your right state of mind you know is immoral and unethical.  But that’s the demon as an addict you fight daily.” Continue reading