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Narconon Arrowhead Reunites Family After Helping a Brother Overcome Addiction

familyDrug addiction can adversely affect many aspects of an individual’s life.  It can affect their health and physical appearance, their physical and emotional senses, their ability to perform work and personal duties and much more.  One of the most damaging effects of drug addiction is the separation it can cause in a family.  The addict often feels guilt and shame because of their addiction, and withdraws from family and friends.  Family members find the addict to be untrustworthy and completely unlike the individual they once knew, which can be highly upsetting and distressing.  Family members who are uneducated in or unaware of the full causes and effects of drug addiction may not understand why the addict is unable to see the full extent of damaging effects their drug use has caused, or why they won’t simply quit using drugs and regain their healthy life.  Some family members hold out hope for some time that they can help the addict, but eventually may push the addict away from them when drug use continues. Continue reading

Skeptical Patient Reports That Narconon Saves Lives

drug addict3She was skeptical, as many people with substance abuse problems are. They hear the stories about rehabilitation programs. That there is not an absolute 100 percent success rate. That some relapse, return to drugs, and the cycle starts all over again. Dena was no exception. When her mother approached her in a Tulsa County Jail as she awaited sentencing and presented the Narconon option, she thought, “Why do I want to go? It isn’t going to work.” She had been to over 10 rehab facilities. She was a living testimony to the failures of rehabs. Why would this one be any different? Continue reading

After Intervention Graduate Speaks Out About Narconon Arrowhead

frazzledKalon is from rural, Oklahoma. Before Narconon, Kalon was addicted to meth to the point of taking it every day. She couldn’t find work, her health was deteriorating rapidly. She was sure her life would soon be over, sometimes wishing it would be. She was in trouble with the law and knew if she continued on the same path, she would end up in prison or worse. Continue reading

Former Prescription Addict Has New Life Thanks to Narconon Arrowhead

prescription drugsErica became a victim of one of the most abused drugs in our country today. After a dental surgery, she was prescribed prescription painkillers to ease the aftereffects. She was fresh out of college, and she was addicted. Her case was rare; most people allow the problem to drive them into the ground, isolate them from loved ones, and leave them in a vulnerable state. Erica had a strong support system. Her family searched the Internet for a program that could help. That’s when they found Narconon. Continue reading

Sister Discusses how Narconon Arrowhead Helped Her Brother

When *C. was 7 years old, tragedy struck her family. Her brother reacted to it by disappearing completely. C. didn’t see him for years and had no idea where he was. It wasn’t another 6 years, when was 13, until she saw him on the streets of downtown; emaciated, dirty, and panhandling. He was in the grips of a heroin addiction. At that moment, C. knew she had lost her brother. She passed him on the street and looked him in his eyes – he didn’t even recognize her. Continue reading

Review from One Client Says Narconon Arrowhead Breaks Addiction Cycle

reviewsssK. is a graduate of the Narconon program with a wonderful success story. She was born to parents who both suffered from drug addiction. Growing up, she watched her mother go in and out of treatment facilities only to relapse and continue her downward spiral. She watched her father go in and out of the penal system for the majority of her teenage years, only to return to society and continue doing the same. You would think that watching her parents destroy their lives would be enough for her to avoid following their example. This was not the case. Continue reading

Latest Review Says Narconon Arrowhead Encourages Recovery

recoveryMeet N. She checked into Narconon in April of 2007.   After spending 9 years of smoking pot, popping prescription drugs, taking ecstasy, and doing countless lines of cocaine, she had destroyed her mind, body, and wasted her abilities. Her parents had urged her to go, but she thought she was a hopeless cause. Continue reading

A Resounding Yes Is Answer to Effectiveness of Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

success“R. is a valued friend. She wasn’t always my friend and we weren’t even very friendly. We were forced into a connection for one reason only: my first grandchild, S.,” says a woman named Janice who found herself with an immediate family member through R. who she met in 1990 when R. was dating her son, J. Janice was unimpressed as most of J.’s friends drugged or drank too much and horrified when she learned that R. was pregnant, and that she and J. were marrying. Through the many suggestions Janice gave R., she was adamant about keeping her baby. Admittedly, R. was a caring parent and initially made every effort to maintain the baby’s care. But her marriage was dissipating; her friend and husband were involved in drugs and alcohol. R. eventually joined them. It didn’t help her already serious health issues due to past drug use. She ended up in the hospital, and that’s when she elected to attend the Narconon Arrowhead Program for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation. Continue reading