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Two Patients Speak Out On Narconon Arrowhead

personWithdrawing from and detoxifying one’s body from drug chemicals are vital parts of any rehabilitation program, but doing so does not effectively and fully rehabilitate the individual for a healthy, productive future.  The fact that the individual became a substance abuser indicates quite clearly that they were not armed with the necessary tools to address and resolve life problems.  It follows, then, that full rehabilitation must include life skills courses that allow the individual to spot and handle the difficulties that may arise in their future. Continue reading

After 15 Years of Drug Use Patient Finds Sobriety Through Narconon Arrowhead

15 years sober

Man celebrates 15 years of sobriety

It is an unfortunate truth that many individuals in our society make it through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood without gaining the abilities and certainty that is needed to make it through the many challenges of life.  Some individuals simply push on through, achieving various levels of happiness and contentment as they work through difficulties.  Other individuals seek for a way to hide from or suppress the problems they face by turning to drug use. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Credited For Saving Life of Young Man

young manThere may be nothing more devastating that watching an individual’s life be destroyed by substance abuse.  The individual who is full of life, health, dreams and possibilities becomes an empty shell, living a sort of “half-life” wherein nothing matters but the attainment and use of drugs.  Regardless of who these individuals once were, it is no secret that close friends, loved ones and indeed society at large suffers their loss as contributing members.  Not only can they cause harm to society through drug-related criminal acts and draining valuable resources, but they no longer dream big and strive to improve the world around them.  It may be said that as more individuals turn to substance abuse, the more society falls away from the ideal and toward death.  Continue reading

I Would Not Have My Sister Without Narconon Arrowhead

brother and sisterSubstance abuse can easily and rapidly destroy lives – and not just the lives of those who are abusing drugs, but also the lives of everyone around them.  In the midst of extreme turmoil and confusion, family members and loved ones often struggle to find help for the substance abuser, trying hard to resolve the patterns and phases of addiction in order to save a life.  They may wonder why the individual cannot see the damages he is doing to self and others, and why he cannot simply stop his drug use or get the help he needs.  It can be difficult for adults to understand addiction, but it is even more difficult for young children. Continue reading

Narconon Clients Write More Successful Reviews on Integrity Course

happy personThe following is are even more positive reviews on the Narconon Personal Values & Integrity Course written by clients of the Narconon Arrowhead program located in Canadian, Oklahoma, This is what Narconon Arrowhead patients had to say about the Integrity Course: Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Discusses How He Fell Into The Trap of Addiction

addictionThere is often no one more surprised about the power of drug addiction than the individual who finds himself struggling against it.  Many individuals have grown up with at least some basic education on the harmful effects of drugs, and while some may find that the information is somewhat lacking and therefore raises curiosity, others truly understand the menacing undertones and determine never to try drugs.  Because drug addiction can be a slow, sliding process, these same individuals can have their life spiraling completely out of control while they continue to firmly insist that they are fine and not addicted to the drugs that they feel they cannot live without. Continue reading

After Prison Former Addict Saved By Narconon Arrowhead

prisonSome individuals recognize the effects and problems of drug abuse when it begins to damage their life and they immediately seek help.  Others find that it is only after they have hit the lowest point imaginable that they can finally step up and admit that they have a problem with drugs and that they need help.  Either way, the individual who aggressively seeks to address and resolve their problems with drugs and alcohol is one step closer to sobriety, and with persistence and commitment they can achieve the drug-free, healthy, productive life they have been missing. Continue reading

Son Speaks Out on Mother’s Addiction and Recovery Through Narconon Arrowhead

womanMost individuals view their mothers as the absolute example to follow.  To an innocent child, their mother is the person who never gets scared, who knows how to fix any situation, who cares deeply about your happiness, who loves you unconditionally and who knows right from wrong.  What confusion, then, is brought upon a child who is watching their mother struggle with substance abuse and addiction.    Continue reading

Before Narconon Arrowhead I Was on the Edge of Insanity

asianBefore I came to Narconon, I was on the feathered edge of insanity with my drug use and the behavior associated with it. I didn’t know much about the program before coming, but having completed it, I have an entirely new outlook on life. I am comfortable with myself and have regained my communication skills. My biggest win is probably the fact that I’m totally comfortable being in the present time. Continue reading