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I Tried Other Programs But Narconon Arrowhead Helped Me Get Clean

womanThere may be few things more disheartening for a substance abuser than participating in rehabilitation treatment only to relapse into drug use shortly thereafter.  In the hope that something can be done to effectively resolve their problems with drugs, the substance abuser may pursue other treatment programs, thinking that perhaps they can find the right one that will work for them.  With the alternatives being lengthy prison stays or drug-related death, enrolling in treatment program after treatment program may seem like the only promising option the individual has.  But honestly, why is it that rehabilitation treatment can fail in truly rehabilitating an individual? Continue reading

I Got Everything Back After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

guyImagine the fear, confusion, horror and helplessness you would feel in trying to run for your life while your legs are trapped in quicksand.  No matter how much energy you exert to try and get free, it only seems to exhaust you further and make you more certain that nothing can be done to save you.  This is exactly what it can feel like for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse. Continue reading

Patient’s Search For Sobriety Ends With Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon ArrowheadMany former substance abusers will admit that one of the most difficult parts of handling their problems with addiction was admitting that they had a problem and needed help.  Considering that some substance abusers have passed up sincere offers of help from family members and friends, sometimes for months or even years, before finally admitting they had a problem and needed help, it follows that help should be readily be available for those who need it.  More importantly, help should have the desired result – the individual’s restoration to a healthy, productive life.  Unfortunately, it often happens that the help many individuals receive in the form of rehabilitation treatment fails to effectively help them overcome the physical and mental causes and effects of substance abuse and they continue to suffer on.  Over time, if the individual has participated in several treatment programs without lasting results, they may come to the conclusion that they are beyond help and therefore beyond hope.  Despite this discouraging setback, there are those that continue to search for a way out. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Thanks Staff After 5 Months Clean

narconon arrowheadFor an individual who is trapped in the stranglehold that is drug addiction, any week, day or even hour that is spent sober seems like an eternity.  Unfortunately, unwelcome and overwhelming drug cravings can send them reeling back into drug use, and sobriety becomes a seemingly impossible dream that they are certain they can never really hold on to.  They may dream of or pray for sobriety, but are unable to see exactly how they can achieve it.  Sober individuals may think it simple to just stop using drugs and enroll in rehabilitation treatment, but the addict himself cannot see this through the fog of substance abuse that clouds their every thought and action. Continue reading

Former Addict Clean Since 2003 After Enrolling in Narconon Arrowhead

peopleWhen one thinks of a contributing member of society, many different qualities may be called to mind.  Some of the key components of this individual may include a sound education, honesty, trustworthiness, dedication, integrity and much more.  A contributing member of society works hard in their career, makes an effort to improve their society and those around them, is thriving, happy, healthy and is an asset to his community.  Professions and community involvement may vary, but no matter what qualities one thinks of in such an individual, “former addict” is unlikely to make the list. Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Says Program is Best Available

Narconon Arrowhead rehabThe word “rehabilitation” means the condition wherein an individual has been restored to the ability to live a healthy, productive life.  Any drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility should have this exact goal in mind when designing and delivering their program to various patients.  It is true that there are many different facilities that have varying degrees of success in rehabilitating individuals for healthy, productive lives, and different elements of successful programs can be combined to increase an individual’s chance of success.  However, few programs contain all of the elements that routinely result in patient success time and time again. Continue reading

After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment Client is Living the Life She Wanted

narconon arrowhead client

narconon arrowhead

A drug addict who is caught up in the lifestyle of drug abuse may feel that they are living the high life – surrounded by friends, good times and money.  However, these “friends” are often individuals that would turn their back on you in a second if it allowed them access to more drugs, and the “good times” are the false highs of drug chemicals, often followed by agonizing lows.  As for the money – it disappears into a bottomless chasm as more and more drugs are purchased.  Any individual living in the downward spiral of drug addiction discovers that their world is quickly caving in on them, and only if they are very lucky in finding effective rehabilitation treatment can they escape. Continue reading

The Narconon Arrowhead Program Saved My Son

sonLinda has no doubt that the Narconon program saved her son’s life.  At thirty-two years old, Linda’s son had already struggled with drug addiction for over ten years and had suffered personality changes that affected his entirely family.  Like many other substance abusers, he wanted desperately to stop on his own but he simply could not make it work.  He needed help, and quickly. Continue reading

Before Narconon Arrowhead I Had Lost Hope For My Future

puzzleWhile initially an individual chooses to take drugs in order to suppress a problem, escape mental or physical pain or experience a temporary euphoric high, drug use can quickly become something that they feel they have no control over.  They may make personal promises regarding quitting their drug use, but find it impossible to overcome physical cravings and so remain trapped in their addiction.  When substance abuse has carried on long enough, many individuals feel that there is no way out, and the most they can hope for in the future is prison or death.  Luckily, successful rehabilitation treatment can restore hope for a happy, healthy future. Continue reading

After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment I Didn’t Go Back to Drinking

happy manThe individual who is addicted to alcohol or drugs may find their life spinning entirely out of control and can feel entirely helpless to do anything to change it.  The simple fact is that while drug or alcohol use was initially a choice, over time it can become something that the individual feels he cannot survive without.  Despite the destruction of their health, their relationships and indeed their life, the individual can yet find it difficult or even impossible to overcome the demon of addiction.  It is at this point that they need help and support from others. Continue reading