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Narconon Patient Talks About His Days On Objective Exercises

person contemplatingIt can be difficult to have a conversation with a drug addict, as their focus and attention seems to be only on the past and the drugs they have abused or are abusing.  Drug addicts can be dangerous to have in situations that require close attention and the ability to swiftly react, since they seem to be perpetually out of touch with the world around them.  Unfortunately, stopping drug use and even cleansing one’s body of residual drug toxins does not automatically restore the individual to an ability to be aware of their present environment and act within it.  Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Talks About Heroin Recovery

happy womanOne of the most important actions a former drug user can take is to tell his story to others. Without communication between former drug users and the people that might use drugs in the future, far too many people can fall prey to completely avoidable drug use. Drug addicts harm their communities in many ways, so it is important that they look for ways to give back once they are sober again. Narconon Arrowhead supports addicts that want to find ways to contribute, and most addicts decide that they want to do this as well. Continue reading

After 15 Years of Addiction Narconon Arrowhead Patient Speaks About Recovery

middle aged manThe point of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment is, of course, to restore the individual to a healthy, drug-free and productive life.  In order to do this effectively, the rehabilitation treatment facility, staff and program has to be able to fully understand, address and resolve the many causes and effects of drug use, which can vary widely from individual to individual. Continue reading

Mother Discusses what Narconon Arrowhead Did for Her Son

mother and sonNarconon Eslov in Sweden just celebrated its 30th year of successfully delivering the Narconon Program, helping addicts reclaim their lives from addiction and go on to live productive and happier lives.  A Mother and her son, a graduate of the rehab program at Narconon Eslov, shared their experience and how it changed their lives. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 15

reviewHere are another series of reviews from Narconon Arrowhead week in review 15.

Narconon Withdrawal Reviews

I have had successes in withdrawal.  I had to kick and this kick was way faster than I thought it would ever be!  The withdrawal staff has been awesome!  I am feeling like my normal self again and back to where I was when I didn’t use.  I am sleeping and eating solid food.  I am so happy to say that I can eat and sleep without the use of drugs!  BG

When I came here I was coming off of heroin and I was really sick, but with the people here and the drills, assists and sessions, I noticed that soon after I came here my withdrawals were not eve a factor.  It seemed like every day I’ve been here is like a blessing.  The cal-mag and vitamins have saved my life because it eased all of my pain along with the help from the people here.  This place has truly been a God-send for me.  So, how do you spell relief, N-A-R-C-O-N-O-N! Continue reading

Mother Says Narconon Arrowhead Helped Son Find Himself

Narconon ArrowheadIt is not unusual for the mother of a substance-abusing child to state that drugs have caused their child to lose himself.  A sports enthusiast can shun all sports activities, an artist can destroy or walk away from their art, even a friendly, social individual can avoid all social activities and occasions.  It is almost like the individual himself has been stolen away and replaced with a morose, unfeeling, unemotional robot.  Why is this so true of so many substance abusers?  The fact is that because the human body can quickly become dependent on drugs that are regularly ingested, physical cravings can cause the individual to think about nothing except obtaining and using more drugs.  Their former interests, relationships and even personality traits can seem to disappear entirely as their life revolves around drugs. Continue reading

Former Patient Describes Life Before Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

personDespite the fact that millions of individuals in the United States suffer from substance abuse, many of these individuals feel alone in their struggles with addiction.  They don’t often feel that others understand how drugs make them feel completed enslaved, and this assumption isn’t far from the truth.  Few individuals understand the full power of a drug addiction unless they have experienced it.  The dream that anything can be done to turn their life around and that they can achieve and maintain sobriety can seem distant and unreachable.  For those who have graduated from the Narconon Arrowhead treatment program, however, this dream can become a reality. Continue reading