A Resounding Yes Is Answer to Effectiveness of Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

success“R. is a valued friend. She wasn’t always my friend and we weren’t even very friendly. We were forced into a connection for one reason only: my first grandchild, S.,” says a woman named Janice who found herself with an immediate family member through R. who she met in 1990 when R. was dating her son, J. Janice was unimpressed as most of J.’s friends drugged or drank too much and horrified when she learned that R. was pregnant, and that she and J. were marrying. Through the many suggestions Janice gave R., she was adamant about keeping her baby. Admittedly, R. was a caring parent and initially made every effort to maintain the baby’s care. But her marriage was dissipating; her friend and husband were involved in drugs and alcohol. R. eventually joined them. It didn’t help her already serious health issues due to past drug use. She ended up in the hospital, and that’s when she elected to attend the Narconon Arrowhead Program for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation.

As the paternal grandmother, Sawyer’s custody was given to Janice, and she didn’t make it easy for R. Above all else R. loved her son, but Janice was determined to protect S. from her. The courts gave R. very little visitation and Janice saw no reason to cut R. any slack because of her past.

The Transformation through Narconon

Narconon began the transformation of R. She lived and breathed the program, took the lessons, the learning, and counseling. She made it a part of her life standard. Through Narconon, she learned how to deal with her difficult and prejudicial mother-in-law, using the lessons taught to her in the program. Because of R.’s choice, they started a new relationship. Not a friendship, but working towards something closely approximating a workable relationship for the sake of her son. Soon, Janice began to feel more and more comfortable with the person R. was becoming. When she was able to finally step out and face the real world, Janice knew she was ready. Narconon had armed her with a set of life values she could take with her wherever she went. Today the relationship with them is better than ever with Janice saying:

“I love R. dearly. She has become a second daughter to me, something I never expected nor thought could ever happen when I met her those many years ago. Narconon helped morph R. in a way I never thought possible.

“Would I recommend the Narconon program to other people? Yes. A resounding yes! I will always owe Narconon thanks for giving me a daughter and for giving S. a standup and caring mother.”

-          Janice

Drug use and addiction can make parenting an impossible task. The disappointment and hurt from the damage that some parents cause can last forever. With that said, the goal should always be to help turn around the addicted parent, help them to become sober, mentally stable and responsible for themselves and their children. And, that’s what the Narconon Arrowhead program did for R. and the many thousands who have walked through the doors.

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