After 15 Years of Addiction Narconon Arrowhead Patient Speaks About Recovery

middle aged manThe point of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment is, of course, to restore the individual to a healthy, drug-free and productive life.  In order to do this effectively, the rehabilitation treatment facility, staff and program has to be able to fully understand, address and resolve the many causes and effects of drug use, which can vary widely from individual to individual.

Drug use can, of course, initially begin with the individual’s choice to use drugs.  Whatever their reason for choosing drugs – financial stress, relationship problems, career difficulties – the individual made the choice to suppress life with drug chemicals.  Unfortunately, where once they were in complete control over the choice to use drugs, when to use them, how much to use and what kind, the interaction between drug chemicals and the body eventually pull this control away from the individual.  Their body becomes tolerant of and dependent on the drug chemicals, and the individual is driven to think and act based on powerful cravings for more drugs.

One of the failings of many traditional treatment programs is to ignore the individual and treat all patients as though they have a disease they are unlikely to ever recover from.  Many individuals who are suffering from substance abuse problems are desirous, on some level, of a freedom from drugs but are unable to obtain it on their own.  At times like these they need support, encouragement, kindness and understanding from those around them.  Treating them like a nameless, faceless “addict” does not accomplish this.

Another point on which traditional rehabilitation treatment can fail is in the idea that the individual must be told what is wrong and how they have to fix it.  This seems to ignore the fact that a suppression of their ability to think and act independently is exactly the effect of drug use.  Their self-confidence and self-respect is often destroyed, their feelings of guilt and shame overwhelming.  Telling the substance abuser what they’ve done poorly and how they must fix it can further cement these already depressing feelings and emotions and make them feel helpless about ever improving their condition.

Effective rehabilitation treatment must encourage the individual to discover for himself what that initial reason for drug use was, and it must also encourage the individual to take responsibility for their choice to use drugs.  It must allow the individual to restore their own feelings of self-confidence and self-respect, and understand that they can live a happy, productive life without drugs.  It must also arm the individual with whatever future tools they may need in order to overcome challenges in life without returning to drug use.  Effective rehabilitation can help an individual overcome their problems with drug use, even when all other programs and attempts have failed.

Overcoming 15 Years of Addiction

Recently, a Narconon Arrowhead graduate spoke about successfully overcoming her fifteen-year struggle with drugs and alcohol despite numerous past failures.  Prior to enrolling in the Narconon program she had attended a variety of other rehabilitation facilities as well as military school, group homes, halfway houses, jail and four years in prison.  She also spent time at her aunt’s house and her grandma’s house, but nothing changed and she remained addicted.

Then she arrived at Narconon Arrowhead.  The Narconon program was an amazingly different and effective approach to her problems with substance abuse.  She was allowed to cleanse her body of all residual drug and alcohol toxins, and for the first time was able to confront and take responsibility for her actions and the damages they had caused herself and others.  Her mind felt refreshed and renewed, enabling her to realize that she can lead an amazing, fun life without any drugs or alcohol in the picture.  She is grateful to the program and the kind, caring staff that helped her take back her life, and prove that effective rehabilitation is possible.

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