After 15 Years of Drug Use Patient Finds Sobriety Through Narconon Arrowhead

15 years sober

Man celebrates 15 years of sobriety

It is an unfortunate truth that many individuals in our society make it through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood without gaining the abilities and certainty that is needed to make it through the many challenges of life.  Some individuals simply push on through, achieving various levels of happiness and contentment as they work through difficulties.  Other individuals seek for a way to hide from or suppress the problems they face by turning to drug use.

Drugs are chemicals that work to block or alter the normal functions of the human body.  Drugs cannot resolve a physical, emotional or psychological problem, but because they create momentary relief, euphoric highs or sensations of pleasure the individual can erroneously believe that their problem has been cared for.  When the effects of the drug wear off and the individual finds that the problem still exists and is perhaps now in compounded by additional problems, they seek that “easy escape” they felt with drugs, and turn back into drug use.

The physical and mental deterioration caused by drugs can be so steady and subtle as to be undetectable by the substance abuser himself until he has hit an advanced stage of addiction.  It is at the point that the individual no longer takes drugs because he wants to feel the numbing sensation or high, but because he is certain that he needs them to feel normal that the individual is entirely trapped in their addiction.  On some level, the individual may understand that drugs are running their life and they may desire freedom from drugs, but their addiction seems out of their control, and they feel hopeless to fight against it.

Saved From Death

Nick struggled with drug addiction for fifteen years.  He frequently spent time in jail, always returning to drug use immediately upon release.  Every thought and action revolved around getting and using more drugs, alienating Nick from the normalcy that most sober individuals experience in their lives.  He trusted no one, and had effectively separated himself from every relationship he had once treasured.

In 2007 Nick overdosed and subsequently remained unconscious for six full days.  Doctors told his parents that survival was unlikely since Nick had suffered two strokes and a heart attack and his body was saturated with drug chemicals.  They speculated that if by some miracle Nick survived physically, he was likely to be a vegetable for the rest of his life.  Luckily, Nick survived physically and mentally, and decided to enter rehabilitation treatment.

Nick participated in a total of three “traditional” rehabilitation treatment facilities without achieving lasting sobriety.  Frustrated and disheartened, Nick desired to find a rehabilitation facility that would aid him in truly getting his life back.  To his everlasting relief, he found out about Narconon.

The Narconon program allowed Nick to fully cleanse his body of all drug toxins, helping him overcome current and future cravings and thereby reducing the possibility of relapse.  He was guided into understanding why he had turned to drug use in the first place, and was able to take responsibility for his actions and the effects they created.  He gained valuable life skills, including an ability to really be aware of his current environment instead of being fixated on the past, an ability to spot dangerous personalities and avoid them, an ability to understand and improve conditions in his life and an ability to apply simple rules and achieve happiness in life.

Nick graduated from the Narconon program and has been sober for over three years now.  The happiness and relief he felt in taking his life back from drugs is something that moved him so entirely that he decided he wanted to help others achieve the same goals.  He participated in Narconon’s extensive training program and joined staff at Narconon Arrowhead.  He is proud to be part of the group of individuals who help people achieve freedom from drugs.

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