After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment Client is Living the Life She Wanted

narconon arrowhead client

narconon arrowhead

A drug addict who is caught up in the lifestyle of drug abuse may feel that they are living the high life – surrounded by friends, good times and money.  However, these “friends” are often individuals that would turn their back on you in a second if it allowed them access to more drugs, and the “good times” are the false highs of drug chemicals, often followed by agonizing lows.  As for the money – it disappears into a bottomless chasm as more and more drugs are purchased.  Any individual living in the downward spiral of drug addiction discovers that their world is quickly caving in on them, and only if they are very lucky in finding effective rehabilitation treatment can they escape.

A Destroyed Life

Melissa was only twenty-eight years old, but her life was completely in shambles.  She lived under the impression that she was lucky and happy – living in a swank loft apartment surrounded by “friends”.  She felt on top of the world, like no one could touch her.  She was selling high-quality cocaine and ecstasy and was the most popular woman in town.  She had lots of drugs, lots of money, and lots of people who wanted to be close to her.  Then her life came crashing down.

In February 2005 Melissa was arrested and very narrowly escaped a long prison sentence only because she was not, in fact, the “big dealer” she had made everyone believe she was.  All of a sudden, Melissa was faced with the truth – she was just another pawn stuck in the trap of drug addiction.  She realized that she wasn’t invincible and she wasn’t living the kind of life others would envy.  She had pushed away her family and the true friends she once had for individuals who cared nothing for her, and everything for the drugs she supplied them with.

All of the money and drugs were gone and Melissa felt lost.  She moved out of the loft apartment, put all her belongings into storage, and moved in with her best friend.  She was still using drugs, though not as often.  She felt that she was pulling her life together a little, but she just couldn’t achieve stability and she knew that something wasn’t right.  She felt troubled by the ups and downs of everyday life and was struggling to just manage.  She was unable to hold down an honest, steady job or be a good mother to her children.  In short, Melissa was confused and had no idea where her life was headed.

Reaching Out for Help

Melissa finally asked her family for help.  Together, they found out about Narconon Arrowhead, a residential rehabilitation facility located in southern Oklahoma.  Melissa arrived at Narconon two days before Thanksgiving and embarked upon her new life.

The staff at Narconon made Melissa felt safe and comfortable the moment she began her program, and she had no doubt that she was in the right place to resolve her problems with addiction.  She began to feel better physically and mentally as she progressed through the phases of her program.  She started to see where she had gone wrong in life, the choices she had made that led to drug use and addiction, and how she could take responsibility for her actions and decisions.  On the life skills courses, Melissa gained the tools she needed to get her life back in order and become the mother and individual she truly wanted and needed to be.

Melissa says that now she knows how to overcome barriers that had once seemed impossible to confront.  She is aware of how her actions can affect everything and everyone around her, and can make decisions based on rational thoughts and ideas rather than impulsive desires.  Today, Melissa is happy, productive and living the life she always wanted.  She has her family and true friends back, and is a devoted mother to her children.  After graduating from her Narconon program, Melissa stayed on to participate in the extensive training program and become a staff member herself.  Her new purpose in life is to help save lives, making the world a better place.  She is grateful that Narconon helped her erase drugs from her life and restore love for others to her heart.

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