After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment I Didn’t Go Back to Drinking

happy manThe individual who is addicted to alcohol or drugs may find their life spinning entirely out of control and can feel entirely helpless to do anything to change it.  The simple fact is that while drug or alcohol use was initially a choice, over time it can become something that the individual feels he cannot survive without.  Despite the destruction of their health, their relationships and indeed their life, the individual can yet find it difficult or even impossible to overcome the demon of addiction.  It is at this point that they need help and support from others.

Rehabilitation treatment can give someone exactly what they need – an escape from their normal life and the substance abuse that accompanies it.  However, maintaining this sobriety can be put to the test when they return to their normal life and routines.  Their only chance of maintaining sobriety is an effective rehabilitation treatment program that includes full mental and physical rehabilitation along with life skills courses that enable them to face and resolve the same types of problems that caused them to turn to drug use in the first place.

Winning the War over Alcohol

Jared woke up in jail in February of 2009 without any idea of what he’d done to get there.  He knew that he had purchased a six-pack of beer and a bottle of whiskey the night before, but what had followed was completely unknown to him.  It was several days before anyone explained to Jared why he was in jail.  After becoming entirely inebriated, Jared had tried to break down a stranger’s apartment door while carrying a loaded shotgun.  The gun had gone off and blown a hole through a neighboring apartment door.  Luckily, no one was injured, but Jared was still facing two to four years in prison because alcohol had made him dangerously violent.

Prior to switching to alcohol, Jared had been addicted to methamphetamines.  He had been unable to resolve his addiction and had simply switched one drug for the other, trading methamphetamine for alcohol and finding himself in similar or worse difficulties as a result.

After nine days in jail, Jared’s parents got him a lawyer to help him address his legal problems.  Jared’s lawyer made it possible for him to participate in the Narconon rehabilitation program prior to attending his court hearing.  Through his Narconon program, Jared regained control over his life.  He was able to fully address and resolve the many causes and effects of his drug use and gain the skills and tools he needed to move forward into a healthy, productive life.

Jared has been able to rebuild his relationships with his formerly estranged wife and daughter.  He has avoided prison time through the efforts of his lawyer, the Narconon staff and his own Narconon graduation.  He has not touched alcohol or drugs for over five years, and has returned to college in order to pursue his career dreams.

Jared’s life is better than it was even before he began to use drugs and alcohol.  In retrospect, he is saddened by the simple fact that many individuals spend their youths becoming addicted to poisons that they then have to struggle against and deal with for the rest of their lives.  Narconon is more than good news, it is a way for society to step out of the patterns of addiction that are ruining the lives and futures of the younger generations.

After thirteen years of addiction to drugs and alcohol, Jared is grateful to finally be entirely drug-free and without the cravings, guilt, shame or embarrassment that once plagued his daily life.

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