After Prison Former Addict Saved By Narconon Arrowhead

prisonSome individuals recognize the effects and problems of drug abuse when it begins to damage their life and they immediately seek help.  Others find that it is only after they have hit the lowest point imaginable that they can finally step up and admit that they have a problem with drugs and that they need help.  Either way, the individual who aggressively seeks to address and resolve their problems with drugs and alcohol is one step closer to sobriety, and with persistence and commitment they can achieve the drug-free, healthy, productive life they have been missing.

Not Believing in Treatment

Michael was thirty years old when he enrolled in Narconon Arrowhead, and in his own words he was half a man.  He had already been to prison twice and to jail countless other times.  Despite participating in rehabilitation treatment at six different facilities, he was still addicted to methamphetamines.  His parents would have nothing to do with him, and Michael was too ashamed to go to his friends and ask for help.  At one point he even slept on a park bench for several nights, for lack of any other place to go.

Michael didn’t believe in treatment or even the idea that anything or anyone could help him resolve his addiction.  By the time he walked into Narconon Arrowhead, he was willing to give treatment a try.  He was so impressed with how happy the other Narconon students were and how friendly the staff were, that he realized this place was different.

The first part of the Narconon program is withdrawal.  Michael found that vitamins, physical assists and the care and support of the facility staff aided him in achieving withdrawal after two days, something he was sure would take at least a week at home.  Withdrawal was followed by a sauna detoxification program where Michael’s body was cleaned of all residual drug toxins, finally freeing him from the debilitating cravings that were keeping him trapped in addiction.  At the completion of the sauna detoxification, Michael felt like he was eighteen years old again, strong, healthy and alive.

Michael’s mother came to visit him at Narconon, and even though he was only halfway through his program she was so impressed with his progress and physical appearance and health that she herself enrolled in the program to resolve a minor drinking problem.  Having seen what the program was capable of, she wanted to experience it first hand.

Relief Through the Arrowhead Program

While Michael had already experienced great relief through the Narconon program, he was still concerned and skeptical about what the staff were going to say was wrong with him.  Then he suddenly realized that they weren’t going to do this at all – there would be no labeling, no evaluation, no guilt-trip, nothing.  The Narconon program is designed so that Michael was able to heal himself mentally, physically and emotionally and discover for himself why he had turned to drugs and what he needed to do to prevent it from occurring again in the future.  He was relieved to realize that he had already found many answers.  Michael decided that he wanted to find even more answers – for himself.

Michael stopped holding back and finally put everything he could into his program.  He was given the exact life skills and tools he needed in order to handle the problems that drove him to use drugs and to prevent future problems from resulting in drug use.  He learned how to live a happy, productive, drug-free life and set and achieve his own goals.

Michael was at Narconon for six months, and never worried about whether he would be able to afford a full recovery as he had worried with other expensive rehabilitation programs.  While some rehabilitation facilities had charged Michael as much as $25,000 a month to remain on the program, the Narconon program was one cost up front and he was never asked to pay more.  He was there to achieve full sobriety and freedom from drugs, and he remained until that occurred.

Michael has been sober for five years now, and still uses what he learned at Narconon on a daily basis.  He has been happily married for three years and is the proud father of a healthy two-year old boy.  He is in college and aware that his life still holds great opportunity for him, whatever he desires.  He is forever grateful to Narconon Arrowhead, the staff and how the program has restored his life to him.

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