Before Narconon Arrowhead I Had Lost Hope For My Future

puzzleWhile initially an individual chooses to take drugs in order to suppress a problem, escape mental or physical pain or experience a temporary euphoric high, drug use can quickly become something that they feel they have no control over.  They may make personal promises regarding quitting their drug use, but find it impossible to overcome physical cravings and so remain trapped in their addiction.  When substance abuse has carried on long enough, many individuals feel that there is no way out, and the most they can hope for in the future is prison or death.  Luckily, successful rehabilitation treatment can restore hope for a happy, healthy future.

Long Hard Journey to Addiction Treatment

Kim arrived at Narconon Arrowhead with no hope for her future.  There was even a part of her that didn’t really want to conceive of a future.  The problems of substance abuse had grown into what seemed an insurmountable mountain that blocked off all chance of a healthy, happy life.  She felt like there was no way she would ever find the solution to all of her problems, and therefore what was the point of even trying?

Kim had not abused drugs for very long, but still her body and mind had been heavily damaged.  She arrived at Narconon with absolutely no idea what was in store, and noticed right away that everyone around her looked and acted healthy and happy.  Kim felt a small seed of hope, thinking that maybe things could be better after all.

The Narconon Arrowhead staff treated Kim with great care and kindness.  She felt accepted and at home during the entire program, never labeled or passed over.  She found that the staff and even other students were very understanding of one another, always willing to reach out and help whenever needed.  Kim had never witnessed such compassion and support, and feels that it is unique to Narconon.

Kim participated in a sauna detoxification program to rid her body of residual drug chemicals and help reduce or eliminate future drug cravings and relapses.  She soon felt more energized, refreshed and physically healthy than she had in many years.  She was better able to focus her mind and think clearly, and felt centered and calm.

Finally, Kim participated in the Narconon life skills courses.  She gained valuable knowledge about herself and her relationships with friends and family.  She finally understood for herself why she had begun to use drugs in the first place, and how the problems in her life had simply been suppressed by drug use, not confronted and resolved.  She learned valuable tools that she uses every day to prevent the same problems from occurring again in the future.

As part of her Narconon program, Kim had to address and repair the damages she had caused to others as a result of her prior choices.  Using what she had learned on her program, Kim was able to rebuild loving, trustworthy relationships with her family.

Kim appreciated that as part of the Narconon program she was required to help other students with their programs.  She had to take responsibility for not only her own progress on her own program, but also for another student’s progress on their program.  She built close bonds with other students, and was happy knowing that she was helping others make it through difficult and emotional situations to achieve great personal success.

Even when Kim had been convinced she had no life to save, Narconon saved her life.  At Narconon she found health, fellowship, kindness, integrity and life skills that will help her reach her goals in life.  More than that, she found herself and who she really wants to be.  As a Narconon Arrowhead staff member, Kim now devotes her time and her life to helping others achieve the same success and happiness she herself found.

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