Before Narconon Arrowhead I Was on the Edge of Insanity

asianBefore I came to Narconon, I was on the feathered edge of insanity with my drug use and the behavior associated with it. I didn’t know much about the program before coming, but having completed it, I have an entirely new outlook on life. I am comfortable with myself and have regained my communication skills. My biggest win is probably the fact that I’m totally comfortable being in the present time.

This program has turned my whole life around. I came into withdrawal scared and didn’t know what to expect, but the staff was amazing. My withdrawal was smooth and steady. After sauna I felt 100 times better. I no longer craved drugs, and I had my energy back. Now that I have completed the program I have the tools to stay sober, be happy, and become successful. This program was great. I never thought I could feel this good without drugs.

What I Got from Narconon

I got a lot of different things out of this program. I am able to actually confront people, which I could never do before.  I can also communicate with people. I have a feeling that nothing can stand in my way of happiness. I am more aware of my surroundings and my environment, which before I never really paid attention to. I know how to see what condition I’m in, in my life and how to work each condition to improve it. I have tools I never had before. Maybe if I had known how to live this way, I would have never become an addict in the first place.

BC – Narconon Arrowhead Graduate

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