Clients Talk About Whether Narconon Arrowhead Drug Free Withdrawal Is Effective

find yourselfNarconon Arrowhead offers a drug free withdrawal program to help clients to recover from the acute effects of drugs. The program is dependent on a doctor examination and approval and the length is also determined on an individual basis. The program uses vitamin therapy, assists, nutrition and simple exercises to alleviate effects from drugs. Here is what a series of clients had to say about the withdrawal process at Narconon Arrowhead:

Withdrawal Was Fantastic

My withdrawal program at Narconon was fantastic! The staff that I’ve met over the course of three days has been so caring. They made the withdrawal seem so easy. The vitamins sure did help a lot. Thanks for getting me started in the right direction. I’m glad to be here. AP

This Process Has Been Nothing But Wonderful

When I arrived at Narconon I had very mixed emotions. I was glad I made the decision to come, but I was sad to see my parents drive off. The staff has been nothing but wonderful. They made me feel so comfortable. I’m so happy to be here and I can’t wait to see what person I will become! I’ve enjoyed staying busy throughout the day, taking walks, sitting by the lake, little massages, and of course the vitamins! Thank you for making my first few days so special. I’m ready to get back to my old self again! AP

I feel Better – I am Better

Today was my first day out of withdrawal. I spoke with my brother today. He is the one who found Narconon. He told me, “It was good to hear that old you is back.” To me it’s amazing that it has only been a few days and people two states away can tell the difference in me. I feel better. I am better, but I still have a lot to learn. Thank you, Narconon!

I Wanted to be Back

I came to Narconon with a methamphetamine addiction. I thought I had lost everything. My husband of 17 years wanted his wife back. I wanted to be back. Everybody in withdrawal made my day brighter. The staff became my family of support. I could not have made it without them. I will never forget the kindness and patience they showed me. Thanks to them I am on my way to a healthy and clean life. DG

A True Way Out

I have attempted for 19 years to be free from the bondage of addiction. When I found Narconon Arrowhead, I was so relieved that there was a true way out to a true life. Withdrawal was most satisfying. Due to the excellent and attentive staff, I was able to pull through with what I feel is a rainbow of colors. Thank you for giving me a fresh start to a new life. LT

I’m Feeling Better

When I got here I thought I was in for hell since I knew I was going to have to kick heroin “cold turkey.” I’m now going on my third day in withdrawal and I’m feeling better than I ever thought I would. Aside from some cold sweats and muscle aches, I haven’t been in any pain. I’ve been able to eat and sleep okay. I’ve been kept busy the whole time. I look forward to taking the next step in the program. MD

Withdrawal Opened Me up To a Few Things

Coming into withdrawal, all I thought about was using. Doing sessions helped me keep my mind off of drugs and opened me up to a few things. I feel that I’m thinking more clearly and have a lot more energy throughout the day. Also, I haven’t thought about using in days! CB

I Feel Better Than l Have in 20 Years

I was very skeptical when I came here, but I now feel better than I have in 20 years. I am very excited and eager to start the program because I know I will feel even better later. The staff in withdrawal helped me so much there are no words to express how I feel. I now know that my life will be so much better clean and sober. I can be there for my nieces whenever they need me. I can’t wait to get my life back and see my family again when I am clean and see how happy and proud they will be of me when I finish the program. I came here to finish the program and start a great, sober life, full of emotions with no more being numb too everything. More than anything I want myself back and my feelings and emotions and all the things I used to love to do. I believe this place has saved me. CB

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