Ex-Addicts Gain new Abilities and Confidence With Narconon Arrowhead Training Routines

personThe following are reviews from Narconon Arrowhead on Training Routines portion of the program:

Communication Skills Have Improved

I am so proud of myself for completing Book One. I feel like I learned a lot about myself and my abilities. When I came into the course I could not look people in the eye and now I can do that – for long periods of time. My communication skills have greatly improved and I have found ne confidence. Happy, Happy, happy. L.H.

Happy to Be Sober

I had a really good day drilling my Training Routines. I am just happy to be SOBER. J.W.

Another Day Sober

Today I had a lot of success on Training Routines and I feel ready to go for a pass on Training Routines 0 – 4. I feel confident with where I am with myself and where I am going. I had a realization that some of the people who I thought were a huge part of my life are actually not there with my best interest. One example is my mother. I realized that I cannot force a relationship or love on her and now that I have accepted that I feel at peace and feel that I can move forward and not be held back. I am another day sober and have no intention of turning back. F.F.

A Good Day

I was really good today in class. I got really far in my Training Routines. I now fully understand the point and purpose of them. Yeah me! E.F.

I Walked Away from Conflict

I am doing very well on Training Routines 6 – 9. I was able to walk away from someone who was trying to bring me down to their level. J.B.

Sober 16 Days

I completed Book One. I am sober for 16 days now and just feel great. J.W.

Feeling Positive

Today was my first day in Book One and it was interesting. I am happy that I am out of withdrawal and starting Book One. I have been sober for 6 days and feel really positive about everything. A.P.

Feeling Sober & Healthy

I feel good about Book One and I am happy that I am starting the program. My family is proud that I am here and sticking it out. I feel good, sober and healthy. A.P.

In a Good Place

I am doing pretty good. I am dealing with stuff without using drugs. I have learned to use my Training Routines to deal with life situation. I am in a good place. D.R.

Comfortable in Own Skin

For once in my life, I am comfortable in my own skin. E.D.

Got a Pass

Today I successfully went through Training Routines 0 – 4 with almost no mistakes. I have been here for one week now and I feel great. I am very happy and ready to get a pass and move onto Training Routines 6 – 9. F.F.

So Changed Already

I passed my Training Routines 0 through 4 and am current drilling 6 – 9. I am so happy and feel so changed already. I feel so positive and know 100% that coming to Narconon was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can focus on the positives that I have to look forward to instead of past negativity. F.F.

Feeling Focused

I am getting better and better at my Training Routines 0-4. Repetition seems to be working. Felt focused and on task. Happy to be clean another day. L.H.

TR’s Has Opened My Eyes

I have an issue with making people do things and tend to avoid putting myself in the situations where I have to make someone do something. That is until today doing Training Routines 6-9. It has opened my eyes and given me the skills to understand and also confront to make someone do what I am asking of them. I cannot wait to try this on my kids. K.M.

Got Through With no Mistakes

I got through all of Training Routines 0 through 4 with no mistakes. I went all day without panic, anxiety, crying or worry and I ran 4 miles like a boss this morning. F.F.

Another Day Sober

I am getting closer to being ready to get a pass on Training Routines 1 – 4. One more day sober so today is a big win for me. Tomorrow will be another great gift and I look forward to the rest of the program. C.C.

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