Former Addict Clean Since 2003 After Enrolling in Narconon Arrowhead

peopleWhen one thinks of a contributing member of society, many different qualities may be called to mind.  Some of the key components of this individual may include a sound education, honesty, trustworthiness, dedication, integrity and much more.  A contributing member of society works hard in their career, makes an effort to improve their society and those around them, is thriving, happy, healthy and is an asset to his community.  Professions and community involvement may vary, but no matter what qualities one thinks of in such an individual, “former addict” is unlikely to make the list.

Drug addiction is associated with lessened states of mental and physical health, dishonesty, untrustworthiness, crime and much more.  Drug addicts are commonly considered to be a drain on the community and its resources, and can be considered to be the cause of many of the ills that the community suffers from.  It is unfortunately true that many drug addicts are willing to do literally anything to obtain and use more drugs, including lying to, stealing from or deceiving others.  It is, however, complete error to assume that simply because an individual once suffered from an addiction to drugs or alcohol that they are then doomed to be forever physically or mentally ill, dishonest, untrustworthy or criminal in their actions and activities.  If substance abuse rehabilitation treatment is effective and thorough, it should restore an individual to the ability to live a healthy, happy, productive and honest life.  A truly rehabilitated individual can move forward into life as if their former drug or alcohol addiction had never existed, and often can stun those who learn of their previous difficulties with substance abuse. In the case of Narconon rehabilitation program graduates, this is exactly what happens on a regular basis.

Ryan’s Story of Addiction and Rehabilitation

In 2003, Ryan had no car, no job, no home and no true relationships.  He committed crimes and lied freely to keep the one thing he did have – an addiction to drugs.  Ryan’s addiction controlled his life and he felt helpless to do anything about it.  Then he enrolled in the Narconon rehabilitation program.

Ryan began his journey to sobriety by withdrawing from drugs and eliminating their toxins from his body.  With his physical cravings for drugs eliminated, Ryan was able to move on to the next phase of recovery – mental recovery.  Drug use had caused Ryan to lose all trust, confidence and respect for himself.  No one could restore these qualities to Ryan except himself, and the Narconon program guided him into doing exactly that.  He was able to discover the underlying reason for his drug use, and with support and encouragement he was able to figure out how to solve the life problems he had long been avoiding.

An individual who has insufficient tools to deal with the problems and challenges of life may turn to less-than-ideal solutions, like drugs.  As part of his Narconon program Ryan learned the valuable life skills that enable him to confront and resolve all aspects of life, and overcome difficulties and problems without the use of drugs or alcohol.  As he learned how to help himself no matter the challenges he may face, Ryan finally restored his personal feelings of trust, confidence and respect.

Ten years after his graduation from Narconon, Ryan is a completely different person.  He is a devoted father, husband, son and brother.  He has a good job, is honest and trustworthy, and works hard to contribute to society and the world.  Since his participation in the Narconon program Ryan has been completely sober, and no one he meets believes that he was ever a drug addict, seeing in him someone entirely opposite of what they think an addict should be like.

Ryan worked very hard to apply the tools he learned at Narconon to straighten up his life, and understands that with Narconon’s help he gave himself the best reward – lasting sobriety and a very happy, healthy life.

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