Former Client Talks About Meth Recovery Through Narconon Arrowhead

Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant drug that acts upon the individual’s central nervous system.  It is a white, odorloss, bitter powder that can be taken orally, by injection, by smoking or by snorting.  Prescription methamphetamine tablets can be obtained through a medical doctor, but the medical uses are limited and prescriptions cannot be refilled.  Unfortunately, most of the methamphetamine that is abused in this country is obtained from illegal laboratories.  The production of methamphetamine is a highly dangerous activity, and a methamphetamine lab can endanger the health of not only the people in the lab, but also neighbors and the environment in general.

Some of the side effects of methamphetamine include irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, hyperthermia, extreme weight loss, severe dental problems, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, dramatic mood changes and violent behavior.  Chronic methamphetamine use can lead to psychotic behavior, hallucinations and delusions, the most common delusion being idea that insects are crawling under the skin.  Methamphetamine can cause dependency and addiction with regular use.

A story about meth recovery

A recent Narconon Arrowhead graduate shared his story of methamphetamine addiction and his recovery through the Narconon program.  At twenty-two years old, SM was traveling around the United States, participating in rodeos on the weekend.  One fateful weekend, just before a rodeo, SM told a friend that he didn’t feel too good.  His friend handed him meth and told him to take it.  SM tried the meth, won the rodeo and left town feeling pretty good – having acquired a new saddle and a nice prize purse.  That was the first, last and only time SM felt good about taking meth.

After SM’s divorce, his life really began to go downhill. Where he had previously only done meth on the weekends, he began using meth three or four times a week, and then every day.  Before he knew it, his addiction was out of control and he was spending five hundred dollars a week on drugs.

SM describes the immediate effect of taking meth as a euphoric rush.  Once the effects begin to wear off, he would feel grouchy and irritable.  When things became difficult at home, SM turned to meth to get his fix.  He didn’t care about bills, his relationships with others or anything else except getting high and staying high.  When the money to buy meth ran out, he pawned or sold whatever he could to get money, no matter how much he previously had cared about those items.

Whenever the euphoric high was over, SM came down hard.  If he was high for three or four days, he was down for five.  For fifteen years his addiction dictated everything he did in life, and he cared about nothing except getting and using more meth.  It didn’t even matter that he had been raised in a religious family and household, once he began using meth nothing else mattered.

SM arrived at Narconon Arrowhead in August of 2005.  He felt terrible, beat-down, ruined and at the end of the line.  He was certain no one cared about him anymore.  He had given up everything he owned to pay for drugs, and had finally hit rock bottom.  At Narconon, SM learned about all the causes and effects of drug use and addiction, and he took responsibility for his actions and the damages he caused to himself and others.  He graduated from Narconon a well man, rehabilitated for a healthy, productive life.

Fully recovered and sober, SM now has a loving wife, a good job and a healthy, happy life.  In his own words SM says, “I never knew that life could be so good.”


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