Former Clients of Narconon Arrowhead Share Their Stories

Below are a series of reviews from former clients of the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab program:

A New Look

After more than 25 years of hardcore drug abuse, most people who know me are amazed I’m still alive. The prospect of me ever being an alcohol and drug-free, functioning member of society is, to them, improbable if not impossible. When I decided to try sobriety again after many, many failures, I was reserved to the fate that it was only a matter of time until my addiction would do me in. Coming to Narconon was only a way to extend my life a little. After only being here two and a half weeks and completing book 1, I am having hope that I may have a life and future left. It’s hard, sometimes, to stay positive after throwing so, so much away and in the process, losing so much more. I now have a hope that drives me to think what can I do to get better and that’s so much more than I had three weeks ago. Although I’m still very uncomfortable around groups of people and it’s hard to face others sometimes, I am a firm believer in “no pain, no gain” and I plan on eating the pain as long as I can, so I can benefit from the gains that’ll come from it. JH

Understanding Meanings

Before book 1 in the Narconon program I thought I knew the meaning of acknowledgement, and I may have, but I was very rarely using it as much as I should. I was often just skipping over what someone said to the next subject instead of taking the time to verbally acknowledge my peers. I now fully understand the importance and meaning of acknowledge. BS

Learning New Habits

I noticed my TRs have gone up to an hour, which has shown me I can finally be. This is a big step for me because drugs had made my life speed up so I could not relax unless I was high. It’s wonderful to just exist. SC

New Life of Sobriety

I am currently in the beginning of book 1 and my body and mind are starting to feel good. Each and every day that I’m here I feel better about myself. While I was using I wasn’t aware of how clouded my mind was. After being here a little more than a week I’ve already started to notice the change that will occur in a new life of sobriety. JB


Confronting is being able to sit three feet apart and just be there. I think the tendency is to drift off or day-dream. It was a good experience, pulling the attention back to the present, here and now, developing a constant awareness of the moment. It is important to be able to stay in touch with a person or situation in the immediate now, in order to handle or confront non-judgmentally, a situation. We must be able to confront in order to handle. I felt better and better as we worked through TR0-confronting. I know it has helped me to be more comfortable with myself and whatever I need to confront. “Don’t just do something, sit there!” TJ

Learning Confidence

When I first started book 1, I had a difficult time making eye contact with people. After a few days, I was much more comfortable with, not only looking directly at someone, but also controlling them using verbal and physical contact when necessary. RM

Learning Communication Skills

I am very happy with the way book 1 went for me. Our supervisor was extremely helpful in every aspect of the course. I learned how to feel comfortable with myself and other people for the first time in awhile. I learned a lot of communication skills and different ways to handle situations and people in a better way. I hope the rest of the program is this helpful. At this point, I am very satisfied. JC

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