Former Meth Addict Speaks Out On Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

meth1Recently, a former meth addict and Narconon Arrowhead graduate shared his personal success with the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

B.W. describes the new life he has had after the Narconon program as nothing short of miraculous.  He feels that even the fact that he is alive is proof positive of the fantastic work being done at Narconon Arrowhead.

B.W. grew up in a small Oklahoma town of about six hundred people, and was a member of a local church with a very active youth group.  However, without proper drug education and life guidance, B.W. turned down a path toward drug use.  He began drinking at fifteen years old, and smoking marijuana at seventeen years old.  At nineteen years old, B.W. was introduced to cocaine.  Despite being active in sports teams, B.W. persisted in his use of drugs in order to have a good time with friends.

By the time B.W. was thirty-five years old, he had been married and divorced, arrested countless times, was selling marijuana and methamphetamine, had cooked methamphetamine in a small lab and had worked with four different attorneys across two states to address his drug-related legal problems.  Twelve years ago, B.W. was facing seven years in a federal prison for drug related charges.  Despite this large sentence standing before him, B.W. used and overdosed on drugs during his probation period.

B.W. had a son with one of his many live-in girlfriends, and his child became his primary motivation to seek help for his substance abuse problems.  He really wanted to be a good father, but he wasn’t willing to try any of the traditional rehabilitation programs as he felt there was no point. Psychiatrists only offered further drug prescriptions in the form of anti-depressants as a solution.  It was at this time that B.W. found Narconon Arrowhead.

B.W. was initially skeptical of whether the Narconon Arrowhead program could actually help him because he had watched so many others around him enter different rehabilitation programs with no benefit, and go on to either live out a lengthy prison sentence or die from drug overdose complications.  However, he still decided to give Narconon a try.

When B.W. arrived at Narconon Arrowhead he immediately liked the facility and the staff there.  He felt certain that he was surrounded by individuals who understood what he was going through and cared about him doing better.  While aspects of the program seemed unfamiliar and unique, B.W. willingly complied because he knew that the traditional aspects of other rehabilitation programs weren’t helpful in many cases. Furthermore, many of the staff at Narconon Arrowhead are themselves graduates of the program, and their success and sobriety gave B.W. hope and the discipline he needed to push through the difficult parts of the program.

“I can remember the day I knew I would never do drugs again and I was on my way to a better life … after handling some really heavy mental and emotional problems I felt like a great big weight had been lifted off my shoulders,” says B.W.  He was able to confront his responsibility in his former drug use, and had gained the tools he needed to move forward into a drug-free and productive life.  He felt happy again, and was enjoying hanging out with his family and friends.

After completing the Narconon rehabilitation program, B.W. returned to his church in Elmore, Oklahoma, impressing many of the residents with his new and improved health and outlook on life.  Many others asked him how he had achieved sobriety, and how others could do the same.  B.W. helped others reach out to the Narconon program and get the help they so badly needed and desired.

B.W. has now been happily married for six years to another Narconon program graduate and together they have a beautiful two year-old son.  He and his wife are enjoying steady employment and fulfilling lives that are free from drug related legal troubles.  B.W. himself has helped educate over one hundred thousand individuals on the effects of drugs and has helped hundreds of individuals onto the Narconon program.   B.W. says, “My life has made a complete turnaround and before being introduced to the Narconon program I didn’t even have a hint that there was anything out there that could help.”

About Narconon

In 1966, Arizona State Prison inmate William Benitez was searching for a solution to his problems with heroin addiction when he came across a book written by L. Ron Hubbard.  In reading the book, Benitez came to understand more about himself and what he needed to do to handle his addiction.  More importantly, Benitez decided that he needed to share his insights with others.  With help from prison officials, Benitez established the Narconon program in his prison.  Narconon has since grown to over one hundred facilities worldwide and has helped many thousands of individuals achieve sobriety.

The Narconon program is a holistic, unique approach to drug rehabilitation.  Following a period wherein the individual is assisted as comfortably as possible through drug withdrawal by vitamins and body assists, the individual then participates in a sauna detox program to help rid their body cells of residual drug toxins.  Program participants also receive counseling and participate in a series of life skills courses that are designed to help them become more aware of their present environment, instead of focusing on the past, help them become more responsible for their lives, and help them become more aware of their life conditions and how to improve them.   According to independent research, seventy percent of Narconon program graduates maintain sobriety, just like B.W.

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