Former Narconon Arrowhead Client Gives Thanks For Program

happyDrug use can dramatically alter and ruin a person’s life.  Where once they were clear-headed, confident and productive, they become subject to clouded judgment, irrational fears, depression, anxiety, paranoia and general ill health.  An individual may even realize that drugs are controlling and adversely affecting their life, but may feel powerless against the death hold of addiction.  Some individuals even try to stop drug use on their own or with the help of various recovery treatment programs, and sink further still into despair when these attempts fail to resolve their addiction.

While it is true that addiction can be all-consuming and difficult to fight in many cases, it is also true that an effective, successful drug rehabilitation treatment program can help the individual eliminate drug use and the damaging effects of drugs, and can restore their ability to live healthily and enjoy their life.  Narconon is one such program.

Kevin’s Story

When Kevin first arrived at Narconon Arrowhead, he felt scared.  He was “coked out” and freaked out all the time, always worried about whether he would be able to pay his bills on time and whether he would be caught using drugs.

Kevin had tremendous success and gains on the Narconon program, and now feels that he is self-confident and in control of his life.  He understands who he is and who he wants to be in life, and knows that he can pay his bills on time, be a good father and take care of business.

Kevin says that his biggest win from the Narconon program is his ability to think clearly.  Not only is he freed from the constant worry of being “found out”, but he feels he can make personal life choices confidently.  He honestly feels that the Narconon program has made him a better person.

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About Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon, meaning “Narcotics-None”, was founded in 1966 by William Benitez, a prison inmate who was seeking a workable solution to his own powerful heroin addiction.  Benitez came upon the drug rehabilitation research and developments of American humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, and began the Narconon program in his prison.  Narconon has since grown to more than one hundred rehabilitation centers worldwide, and according to independent studies it has one of the highest success levels in rehabilitating patients for drug-free lives.

Narconon Arrowhead is the largest Narconon rehabilitation facility in the world and is located in southern Oklahoma, overlooking the beautiful Lake Eufaula.  The holistic Narconon drug rehabilitation program is unique in its thorough address of the full mental, emotional and physical causes and effects of drug use and its life skills courses that help arm the individual with the tools they need to go on into a healthy, productive, drug-free life after program graduation.

The Narconon program includes a sauna detox that helps eliminate all of the residual drug toxins in the individual’s body down to a cellular level.  The result of this thorough detox is a truly clean body, preventing the relapses, depression, anxiety and cravings that often occur even after drug use has stopped.  The program student participates in counseling to help spot and resolve the life conditions and problems that turned them to drug use in the first place, which can help prevent a future return to drug use.  The program student also takes many life skills courses, with the intention of raising their communication, responsibility and self-confidence levels.

Drugs can destroy one’s interest in truly enjoying life, and a good rehabilitation program can help restore that.  “We all laugh, we all giggle, you know, we all find things humorous.  Well I hadn’t really truly laughed out loud, you know, and smiled and been enthusiastic about it and, you know, felt that true laughter.  Well after about being here a month I got that laughter back and that was my biggest gain,” Kevin says.

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