Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Discusses Depression and Addiction

man discussingDrug abuse and addiction can sometimes seem to creep up on an individual, beginning with the simple choice to use drugs and often growing into a habit that runs the individual’s every thought and action.  Many substance abusers are at a loss to explain how or why it happened to them, and very few of them understand or see the full damages that are caused by their drug use.  This condition of ignorance can be very confusing to an observer, because the dramatic physical, emotional and mental changes in a substance abuser are as glaringly obvious to them as the midday sun.

Many individuals begin the journey into substance abuse and addiction when they choose to use drugs in order to suppress an unwanted sensation in their life.  Unfortunately, while drugs certainly can numb that unwanted sensation, they only do so temporarily and can leave a worse problem in their wake. Imagine a smudge on a wall that one attempts to remove by wiping it with a dirty cloth.  Naturally, such an action would not only do nothing to handle the smudge, it would most likely create an ever larger problem.  Drugs work similarly in that they fail to handle any problem, and only serve to create new and larger problems.  The individual who finds himself trapped in this downward spiral can become depressed and hopeless about their life, and may even feel that there is no help available for them.

Overcoming depression and addiction

Recently, a Narconon Arrowhead graduate shared the story of his drug addiction and successful rehabilitation.  Narconon Arrowhead is a holistic rehabilitation facility that works hard to help individuals understand the root cause for their drug use, resolve the many damaging effects of drug use, and effectively prepare themselves for a drug-free future.

This individual admits that drugs had become an overwhelming problem in his life, leaving him to feel as though he was constantly carrying a huge weight on his shoulders.  Drugs took his entire life and destroyed each part of it until he truly felt that he was left with nothing.  He was constantly plagued by guilt over things he had done in the past, how badly he had hurt his family, and of course how horribly he had succeeded in hurting himself.  He felt lost, depressed and entirely hopeless.  Despite this, he felt that the only solution to his problems was to take even more drugs, which in turn led to more guilt and depression.  He was trapped in a vicious cycle from which he was certain there was no escape.

Escaping addiction

Luckily, the Narconon program is well experienced in helping individuals escape from the cycle of drug use and addiction.  He enrolled in the program and immediately began to feel better during the withdrawal portion of the program.  It is his personal belief that the primary reason for this is because for the first time in many, many years he went without drugs for more than a few hours.  In fact, he went without drugs for many days.

Every day on the program made him feel better.  It wasn’t one specific portion of the program so much as the entire program as a whole that helped him restore his confidence and self-respect.  The attitude of the Narconon staff members and the atmosphere of the facility made him comfortable with the idea that successful rehabilitation was not only possible, it was happening every day all around him.

He has now graduated from the Narconon program, and to this day he has remained entirely clean and sober, not even taking a single aspirin.  There is no doubt in his mind that the Narconon program gave him a new life, and one he desperately needed.  Every day he wakes up grateful to be alive, able to get out of bed, and endowed with the life skills he needs to create a new day.  He is happy that he once again has the love of his family and truly loves and cares for them, and for more importantly, for himself.


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