Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Discusses How He Fell Into The Trap of Addiction

addictionThere is often no one more surprised about the power of drug addiction than the individual who finds himself struggling against it.  Many individuals have grown up with at least some basic education on the harmful effects of drugs, and while some may find that the information is somewhat lacking and therefore raises curiosity, others truly understand the menacing undertones and determine never to try drugs.  Because drug addiction can be a slow, sliding process, these same individuals can have their life spiraling completely out of control while they continue to firmly insist that they are fine and not addicted to the drugs that they feel they cannot live without.

Falling Into Substance Abuse

Cameron was born into a healthy, happy family in Dallas, Texas.  He had a very pleasant upbringing, no trauma or abuse led him directly into the path of substance abuse.  Instead, it was a series of bad choices, starting when he was in High School,that quickly turned Cameron’s life upside down.

Cameron was getting along well in school.  He played sports and was enrolled in Advanced Placement classes.  One day a classmate asked Cameron if he wanted to try marijuana.  Cameron made his first poor choice when he said yes.  Shortly thereafter, both marijuana and alcohol were a routine part of Cameron’s life.

Two weeks before Cameron graduated from High School he was arrested for possession of marijuana.  His family was shocked and heartbroken, but there wasn’t much they could do – Cameron was now a legal adult, enrolled in Texas Tech University and due to leave home in less than a month.

While Cameron had to deal with the consequences of his arrest, he was not deterred from continuing to abuse drugs and alcohol.  He began to try other drugs like cocaine, methamphetamines and even illegally-obtained prescription medications.  He ended up flunking out of college due to poor grades, and was unable to function normally as a member of society.  He tried to enroll in another university but barely made it through one semester.

When Cameron was twenty years old he got a DWI and had his license revoked, but still he couldn’t or wouldn’t give up drugs.  Because he couldn’t get or hold a job, Cameron ended up moving back in with his parents.  He stopped using drugs, but was unable to give up alcohol and he began to drink more and more heavily as time passed.  He attended a twenty-eight day rehabilitation program two separate times but felt no change and just returned to his old habits after discharge.

A year passed and Cameron tried once again to return to college.  He failed to make it as he continued to struggle against the habits and patterns that now ruled his life.  When his parents found out that Cameron had failed to make it at a third university, they suggested he get professional help.  He was twenty-one years old and drinking at least a half-gallon of hard liquor and a twelve-pack of beer daily.

Enrolling in the Narconon Arrowhead Program

Cameron agreed that he needed help and enrolled in a medical detoxification center.  He was there for five days, during which time his mother found out about Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma.  Cameron learned that the Narconon program took an average of three to four months to complete, sometimes longer.  He agreed to go because he knew he had to change.  He felt that he was an embarrassment to his family and he knew that he had few true friends and no self-esteem.

Cameron is certain that there is no other treatment facility or program like Narconon’s.  Instead of participating in group therapy and being told why he shouldn’t do drugs, Cameron was guided into discovering why he had begun to use drugs and alcohol in the first place.  He participated in a sauna detoxification program in order to cleanse drug toxins from his body, and he knew that drugs were being cleansed from his body because he could feel their effects as they drained off.  One day while he was in the sauna Cameron felt that he was extremely inebriated.  The sensation lasted for about twenty minutes and after it passed he felt normal again.  When Cameron finished the sauna detoxification program he felt better than he had in many years.  He was able to sleep more easily, think more clearly and he felt happier and brighter.

Cameron’s parents came to visit him twice during his treatment and remarked both times on his improved appearance.  Cameron knew it for himself because he was starting to feel healthy again.  The final portions of the program, and the portions that took the most time, were all about addressing Cameron’s mind.  He had to face and take responsibility for everything he had done in his life that was harmful to his own and others’ survival.  With the assistance and support of Narconon staff, Cameron created a plan for how he would continue to do better and never turn back down the road of addiction.

Cameron last used alcohol in December of 2009.  While he feels that others can drink if they so choose, he knows to the depths of his soul that it is not for him.  He is very proud of himself and what he has accomplished through his rehabilitation treatment.  In fact the change he saw in himself was so marked that he decided he wanted to help others achieve the same thing.  He participated in the extensive Narconon staff training program, and has now worked at Narconon Arrowhead for over three years.  He is happily married, and recently returned to college where he once again discovered his passion for learning.  He is comfortable in life and very grateful for the opportunity to help others achieve the same things he has achieved for himself.  It is his opinion that everyone who is suffering from the powerful grips of drug and alcohol addiction deserve to know that there is a permanent solution to their problem, and that solution is Narconon.

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