Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Says Program is Best Available

Narconon Arrowhead rehabThe word “rehabilitation” means the condition wherein an individual has been restored to the ability to live a healthy, productive life.  Any drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility should have this exact goal in mind when designing and delivering their program to various patients.  It is true that there are many different facilities that have varying degrees of success in rehabilitating individuals for healthy, productive lives, and different elements of successful programs can be combined to increase an individual’s chance of success.  However, few programs contain all of the elements that routinely result in patient success time and time again.

Elements of Successful Rehabilitation Programs

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are some common elements of successful rehabilitation programs, including:

- Appropriate length of treatment

There are many treatment facilities and programs that offer two or four-week rehabilitation programs.  However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that rehabilitation programs must be at least ninety days in length to be successful in helping an individual overcome the current challenges in their life that are leading to drug use, address the immediate physical effects of drug use, and learn how to change their routines and patterns in life to help prevent future drug use.

- Detoxification program

Simply withdrawing from the use of drugs does not help an individual resolve the physical effects of past drug use.  A physical detoxification program that is directed toward eliminating all drug toxins in the body can help an individual overcome drug cravings and better prevent future relapses into drug use.

- Counseling

Individuals who are abusing drugs or alcohol may be doing so because they cannot confront difficult issues in their life.  Professional counseling can assist them in locating the underlying reasons for their substance abuse, and help them deal with the resultant embarrassment, guilt or shame they feel.

- Relapse prevention

Anything that is directed toward preventing an individual’s relapse into future drug use is obviously part of successful rehabilitation.  In some cases, this can include courses in life skills as well as follow-up care and outcome monitoring.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program includes all of the above points, and has an independently verified success rate of over seventy percent of program graduates moving forward into healthy, productive lives.  It is no wonder that one recent Narconon graduate asserted that the Narconon program is the best available.

Mark’s Story of Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

When Mark first arrived at Narconon Arrowhead he was addicted to crystal methamphetamine.  He had lost all contact with his family and true friends, was homeless and physically near death. Through the Narconon program, Mark was able to eliminate the physical effects of drugs from his body, take responsibility for his choices and learn the necessary life skills to move forward into a healthy, productive future.

Mark graduated from Narconon in March 2005.  He has been sober for nine years now, and has a whole new life.  He has regained his personal integrity, his music career and his relationships with his family.  He is now married to an amazing woman and is working hard to give back to society by directing others to Narconon for help with their substance abuse problems.

Mark was so impressed by his improved abilities and outlook on life following his Narconon graduation that he decided to investigate other rehabilitation facilities to learn of their success rates.  He found that Narconon blew every other program out of the water, and was clearly the best program available.  Mark thinks that it isn’t just the program itself, but the highly trained and very caring staff.  Mark is thankful to Narconon for helping him save his own life and restore his pride, and is happy to refer others to Narconon so they can achieve the same wonderful results.

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