Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Talks About Each Part of the Rehab Program

business guyThis is a review from a patient that discusses each part of the Narconon Arrowhead drug program. The program at Narconon Arrowhead is a long-term solution to drug and alcohol addiction. The treatment is comprehensive and effective at treating all types of substance abuse.

Admission into Narconon

What I felt was the success story for the first leg of my program was the ability to follow instructions and how to do specific tasks and assignments. Each training routine had a purpose and then the next one in sequence would build on the previous one. As routine in a daily basis it is part of life, we can take these sequential drills and use them towards the day to day situations we have in life, work, free time, and family events.  These are the best example of what you will go through on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

The Narconon Sauna Program

What I got out of this book was that drug addiction consists of many parts. There are many different kinds of drugs which leave you different effects. Drugs can cause nutritional deficiencies. Most drugs block a person’s senses and affect their depth perception. (Alcohol is a big one) Cravings will come into play after the drug is in full effect. There are two types of cravings, chemical and environmental. These can affect the body and the mind. Both need to be controlled so the drug addict stays off of drugs and so he will never use again.

The things I have learned the most from is the strength of what the purification program will do for all my years of drug and alcohol abuse. As there are many bad drug cells still in my system. The combination of the steps used for this program will help me get rid of what I had in my system. This will allow me to start over again and have the ability to live a alcohol and drug free life. Plus I am learning a lot about nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

When I started the New Life Detoxification Program I was still experiencing a bit of a rundown feeling and I wasn’t sleeping well at night. Less than 7 hours and rarely a sound sleep. The first week in the program brought out acne from my teenage years and I become restimulated back to when I used pot. I started to even feel old sport injuries from my college and resent years. Then dizziness came over me as I progressed. But then I started to have great day long energy. I started sleeping 7.5 sound hours of sleep a night and I wanted to work out more on a regular basis. I can “fee” everything.

Leaving the Past Behind With Narconon Life Skills

What has happened to me in the past is gone. I get a new body to work with. I look forward to continuing my daily exercise, vitamins, and feeling daily wins for myself. The quickest way to get the maximum results from the detoxification program is to follow what the instructors are telling you to do to the letter. This is what helped me achieve what I came here for. I have no physical cravings and I haven’t been able to say that for years! Thank you to the staff and my supervisor for walking me through this.

E. R.

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