Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Talks About Heroin Recovery

happy womanOne of the most important actions a former drug user can take is to tell his story to others. Without communication between former drug users and the people that might use drugs in the future, far too many people can fall prey to completely avoidable drug use. Drug addicts harm their communities in many ways, so it is important that they look for ways to give back once they are sober again. Narconon Arrowhead supports addicts that want to find ways to contribute, and most addicts decide that they want to do this as well.

Today we’ll get into the story of Joseph and his heroin addiction and what he is doing now that he has completed a program of rehabilitation at Narconon Arrowhead.

Heroin Addiction’s Toll on the Body and Mind

There are many powerful and dangerous drugs available on the black market, but heroin is one of the worst. For first-time users, it seems incredible. There are few substances that can match the instant euphoria and pain-killing effects of heroin. Like all drugs, however, it simply isn’t possible to ever match that original feeling again. An addict can spend his entire life trying to recreate that first high and never quite getting there.

Along the way, however, heroin can do incredible damage to the user’s body and mind. Since heroin is an opioid “downer,” it suppresses your heart rate and breathing rate. If you take too much (an overdose, the drug can actually stop your breathing or your heart rate completely and thus kill you. These aren’t the only parts of the body that it slows down, however. It can slow down the movement through your gastro-intestinal tract and thus cause you to feel nauseous or vomit. It can also cause you to be extremely constipated. Heroin even slows down your muscle movements, which leads to slurred speech, delayed reaction time and feeling “heavy” all over. And these are just the physical effects!

Heroin also affects the mind. It makes you think slower, but it can also suppress your emotions and make it hard to feel in control of your emotions. You can also become extremely irrational while using heroin. You’ll find yourself acting in ways that seem completely unlike you. For these reasons and many more, it’s a bad idea to ever start using heroin in the first place.

Joseph’s Recovery After Addiction

Joseph was a heroin addict for over twenty years. He had essentially given up on himself and thought that he could never come back from the hole that he had sunk into. Many heroin addicts end up feeling this way, and they never come back from their addiction, eventually succumbing to an overdose. He had been to prison and had seen many of his friends die from their addictions to this powerful drug. He had even been to the emergency room due to his own drug use, but he still didn’t feel like he could quit.

Joseph, however, found Narconon Arrowhead. Narconon helped Joseph fully detoxify his body so that it could start to make a physical recovery from all the damage he had done to it. The program then helped him confront why he had started using drugs in the first place. Once he was able to really look at how he got into his current condition, he was able to make a plan for recovering from it. Joseph is now proud to be sober, and he is sharing his story with as many people as possible so that they can do the same.

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