Former Patient Describes Life Before Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

personDespite the fact that millions of individuals in the United States suffer from substance abuse, many of these individuals feel alone in their struggles with addiction.  They don’t often feel that others understand how drugs make them feel completed enslaved, and this assumption isn’t far from the truth.  Few individuals understand the full power of a drug addiction unless they have experienced it.  The dream that anything can be done to turn their life around and that they can achieve and maintain sobriety can seem distant and unreachable.  For those who have graduated from the Narconon Arrowhead treatment program, however, this dream can become a reality.

No Longer a Slave to Substance Abuse

Amanda describes her life before Narconon as a life in ruins.  When she wasn’t using drugs, she was going through painful withdrawals, staying in bed for weeks at a time and frequently visiting the emergency room.  Amanda’s life was unmanageable, and because of drugs she had lost everything that mattered to her, including her house, her job and her relationship with her family.

When Amanda first arrived at Narconon Arrowhead she began with a withdrawal program.  Unlike her previous experiences with withdrawal, however, the Narconon withdrawal program was made more comfortable by the caring staff.  The staff got Amanda up and moving around, at her own pace, so that she wasn’t just lying in bed for weeks on end, suffering through her symptoms.  To her great surprise, Amanda found herself laughing three days into her withdrawal program, something she hadn’t been prepared for but was pleasantly surprised with.  It only took her five days to complete her withdrawal program, and when she was complete Amanda felt incredible.  Just the withdrawal program alone had created a huge improvement in Amanda’s demeanor and physical comfort.

Amanda followed the withdrawal portion of her program with a sauna detoxification program to rid her body of all residual drug chemicals.  Then, with the physical effects of her drug use conclusively resolved, Amanda moved forward into the Narconon life improvement courses.  This was the part of the program that Amanda felt helped her the most in resolving her problems with substance abuse.  Her first course caused Amanda to realize that parts of her past bothered her, and allowed her to break free from these areas of concern so that she could live in the present and create into the future.  Another course included a step where Amanda wrote down all of the wrongs she had done to herself – and to others.  Amanda suddenly realized how much her drug use affected others around her, including her family, whereas before she had felt certain that they only affected her.  She understood why she had lost her relationship with her family, and how her substance abuse had brought her family down just as much as it had brought her down.

The Narconon life skills courses allowed Amanda to see that her actions in life affect others, and with the right tools she can lead a successful life, building strong relationships with those she cares for and who care for her.  Amanda has now graduated from Narconon Arrowhead, confident that she can use the tools she learned to lead a successful life.  She is confident that she will not ever have to use drugs again – something she hasn’t felt certain of in over a decade.

Before Narconon, Amanda was a slave to drugs and felt that there was no way she would ever be able to get out of drug use.  She moved slowly and steadily through the Narconon program, and finds that she is now excited to get back out into life, regain the trust of her family, and succeed without drugs – entirely on her own.

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