Former Patient Discusses Narconon Arrowhead Sauna & Program Successes

saunaThe following is a testimonial from a client on Narconon sauna treatment as well as the Narconon program and follows her through different phases of the treatment program.

Before coming into the New Life Detoxification Program I have to admit I had my doubts. I didn’t think that sitting in a sauna could help me regain my sense of smell or feel better. Now, I feel great and can smell again.

During this part of the program I have experienced many good days but also some bad days as well. I remember my worst day in here started with me feeling nauseous.  I took off to the bathroom and then started crying for no apparent reason. After talking to the staff I realized that this was drug related and I could relate this feeling to how I felt when I was coming off methamphetamine. After the emotions and nausea went away I then had a sudden burst of energy, which I later related to feeling my first drug restimulation.

Now that I have completed the New Life Detoxification Program I feel like a new person. I have no doubt now about this portion of the program and I know I was completely wrong. I sleep better now than I have in a long time. Now that I feel this good I realize that my body is completely free from drugs and toxins. I look forward to seeing what else is going to happen.

Narconon Program Testimonial

The Narconon Program has taught me so much. I am so comfortable with communicating well with others. I am able to confront my issues with a lot more confidence and I have much more control over myself now. I have a much wider perspective on life and myself. I am confident to go out in the real world and achieve what I want out of life and not allow anyone to keep me from getting those things. I feel like this program has given me a clean slate so I can start fresh and grow as a person and succeed in life.

I feel amazing about myself right now. I came into objectives wondering how these drills could help me. Boy was I wrong! I have not felt this clear minded in a long time. I see things in a completely different way. I notice new things everyday about the things around me and feel like my whole world is brighter now. I stay focused on what I’m doing in the moment instead of constantly worrying about things in my head and my past. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the program has to offer me.

Patient Talks About Personal Values Course

I just got through writing up my past transgressions. I feel wonderful! Putting all these things on paper has made me realize how much I have hurt myself and my loved ones and how I lucky I am to have a clean record. I feel a huge sense of relief and feel like not only my soul is lighter but I myself as a person is lighter. I feel really good about myself and feel like now I can move on from these things and start fresh with a clean slate!

I no longer have to have the huge weight on me and my guilt is lifted off my shoulders. It was really hard writing these and at the time it made me feel horrible. I felt like a horrible mother, daughter, sister, friend, and girlfriend. But now that I have finished this process I feel a sense of clarity and relief!

Completion of Narconon Treatment

I just completed the final portion of my program. I made 100% on my final test! I believe now that I have all the tools I need to live a happy, sober, and healthy life.

Kayla J. – Narconon Arrowhead Graduate

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