Former Prescription Addict Has New Life Thanks to Narconon Arrowhead

prescription drugsErica became a victim of one of the most abused drugs in our country today. After a dental surgery, she was prescribed prescription painkillers to ease the aftereffects. She was fresh out of college, and she was addicted. Her case was rare; most people allow the problem to drive them into the ground, isolate them from loved ones, and leave them in a vulnerable state. Erica had a strong support system. Her family searched the Internet for a program that could help. That’s when they found Narconon.

She flew in from out of state, a hurdle in itself as she had never been that far away from family by herself. Upon arrival, she was sick. The staff at Narconon welcomed her inside. The doctors treated her eye infection and Erica’s treatment began.

The sauna program detoxified her body. The vitamins and exercise program she had adopted helped cleanse her body and made her feel better than she had in years. Then, she began cleansing her mind. The technology at Narconon gave her a sense of identity. It taught her that her problems were her responsibility, that she had the power to face them rather than avoid them. With her newly gained confidence, she was able to repair the relationships with her family members. Eleven years later, Erica is still clean and sober.

“I thank Narconon Arrowhead every day for giving me my life back. Without this treatment I have no doubt that I would not be alive today. I feel lucky to have found the Narconon Arrowhead center,” she says in a recent interview.

Erica is one in 8 million people in the country that have struggled with a prescription problem. Here story gives hope to many who are still out there using and restores the belief that people can be helped through treatment.

For more information contact Narconon Arrowhead today at 800-468-6933.

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