Former Students Discuss Integrity Course at Narconon Arrowhead

group talkingThe following are reviews from Narconon Arrowhead clients about the Personal Values & Integrity Course at the center. This course is also called Book 6. It allows clients to restore their own personal integrity by ridding themselves of past transgressions. With this they adopt a new level of ethics and responsibility about life.

Narconon Arrowhead Reviews on Book 6

The following are reviews of the Personal Values & Integrity Course delivered at Narconon Arrowhead:

  • I feel great about writing my overts*/withholds.  I’m lighter and brighter.  I had a difficult time getting started and actually writing down what I’ve done.  Seeing it on paper was like getting smacked in the head with a board.  While writing my overts/withholds I realized I am not that bad person I was told or thought was.  I experienced a sense of relief from writing the overts/withholds.  I feel a lot better, more energetic and I have a brighter outlook for my life!  KM
  • I am relieved to have had the chance to examine my behavior and overts/withholds.  There were a lot of overts/withholds in my past, especially dealing with cocaine, I thought didn’t bother me.  It was really surprising to me that the first overts stirred something within me.  Suddenly I was taken back to a time where I felt I was really trying to do myself harm.  To see some of the things I did does bring about some memories of good times, but I see how it all fits together in a chain of destructive events.  I think I benefited mostly through my examination of alcohol.  Of course, I had the “head knowledge” of what I was doing to myself on a daily basis, drinking until I passed out.  But, in remembering these times, I did not realize how monotonous and predictable my life had become.  It literally revolved around alcohol.  Ultimately, that was all that was important to me.  It seems like one big blur because that is what it was, nothing to distinguish one day from another, except for a weekend or catastrophic event.  I am really grateful to have seen this and plan to use what I have learned not to let myself ever get back to the way I was!  SH
  • I feel writing my overts/withholds has done a great deal for me.  I truly feel that a large majority of my addiction was due to exactly what the literature in book 6 explained.  I continued to lie to my loved ones and my co-workers.  The more overts/withholds I committed, the more I used drugs to suppress the guilt I was feeling from what I had done.  I have this program to thank for the education I have been searching for to help me truly heal my addiction and deal with every barrier that I personally struggled to get through.  I now know I can confidently confront my actions and the destruction they had caused due to drugs.  I know that with the knowledge and my own free-will how to handle and understand what drugs and alcohol do to the human mind and body.  I can live a drug-free life free of guilt and can be honest with myself and others and truly believe that honesty will set me free to live a happy, clean life.  CB
  • When I first started writing overts/withholds I thought it was not going to be very helpful, but I noticed that it brought me back to the point in time when I committed the overt/withhold.  By writing them down it brought a lot of peace to me.  Not only what I was doing to myself, but also how I harmed everyone around me.  Now that I realize how it affected everyone else, it’s easier for me to accept everything I’ve put myself through.  Although I did a lot of bad things, I would not have learned everything I have if I would not have done the thing I did to get where I am today and I feel good today!  RS
  • Looking at my behavior has been emotional as well as enlightening.  Some of it made me cry, but most made me realize my own accountability in situations that I used to justify as me being the victim.  By owning and considering my bad choices and the hurt and betrayal I caused those I love more than words can express, I can now experience the empowerment of making choices that build trust in relationships rather than breaking them down.  CS
  • While writing overts/withholds on my first dynamic I relived all the bad things I had done to myself and others.  During this process I felt a lot of different feelings, but by using my confront I was able to power my way through and by taking responsibility for my actions I was able to see just how my behaviors had really affected my friends and loved ones.  NC
  • I have gained a new sense of responsibility and obligation to my dynamics that I have never had before.  I can’t wait to get back out there and do right by myself, my family and those who love me.  I know now what my downfalls were and how to correct the problems in my life.  I want to survive now.  I no longer feel held back by my life’s problems.  I know its time to move forward in my life!  DT

For more information on this course and other Life Skills courses offered at the Narconon Arrowhead facility call 800-468-6933.

* An overt or an overt act is an act of omission or commission against a moral code that one has subscribed to.

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