God Heard Our Cries For Help

cries for helpThe following is a review from a graduate of the Narconon program who got mixed up in meth use after he started attending a high school that was away from his home. As he ran into more and more heavy drug users his life began to fall apart. Desperate for help he admitted his use to his family who helped him to find Narconon Arrowhead. Here is his story:

When I was 17, I began attending a high school that was away from home. I had never once tried any sort of drug or alcohol. One night my roommate at school offered me some LSD. I figured that just one time wouldn’t hurt me. How wrong I was. The next weekend I went out into the town that our school was in with my roommate, and ended up smoking marijuana for the first time.

Then in June of 2002, I moved into my first apartment of my own. I was loving life. I had an okay job, and my brother David lived across the street from me. I would go over to his apartment after work and visit with him. One night he introduced me to a friend of his. As the night went on, his friend started putting out lines of crystal meth. Not wanting to look weird by being the only one not doing it, I joined them and did a couple of lines. I made the same mistake as before, I thought that I wouldn’t get addicted. The next time my parents saw me, which was about a month later, I was 60 pounds less than I was when I moved into my apartment.

Making Friends With Heavy Users

I had also made friends with a couple of people from my apartment complex. I would hang out with them a lot too. Well, the people in my complex were also heavy users. I could get anything that I wanted in my apartment. I soon began using ecstasy, smoking marijuana regularly, and using cocaine on a daily basis. I soon got to the point that I could not function during the day without doing a line of cocaine or smoking crystal meth.

It wasn’t long after that that everything started to go downhill. I called in sick to work because I couldn’t leave without my dealer getting to my apartment with my fix. I lost my job. I started using the money that I had left to go and buy more cocaine instead of paying the rent. I soon lost my apartment after that.

I then moved in with my brother, and we continued using for another month. Then he was evicted and arrested. I went to stay with my other brother outside of in TX for a week. My parents came back into town for the holidays, and I decided to tell them everything.

Getting Help Through Narconon Arrowhead

The next day, I think “God heard our cries for help.” I received a phone call from a man named Eric. He told me about the Narconon Arrowhead program in Oklahoma. I went to the airport about 3 hours after I got off the phone with him, and came to Narconon Arrowhead.

When I came to Narconon, they didn’t tell me I had a disease, or that I couldn’t be helped. The program brought me back into present time. I learned that I can be comfortable anywhere, and if I’m not, I can change that. I can actually look peop le in the eye when I talk to them. It also showed me how to get my ethics back in, and how to make up for all the damage that I had created. Most of all, Narconon brought me back into control of my life. I am ready to face whatever life throws my way. Narconon also gave my parents their son back. Thanks Narconon.

K.M. – Narconon Arrowhead Graduate


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