Graduate Says Narconon Arrowhead Helped Where Others Couldn’t

graduateSo many people, when they start down the road towards drug addiction, truly believe it will never happen to them.  So many people think that they can beat the drugs; that they can quit when they want, that they will never shoot-up, or lie or steal or get arrested.  So many people never realize what drugs will do to them, their life and their future—until it is too late.

The Beginnings of Addiction

This is a young woman’s story of becoming an addict, and what it took to reclaim her life from addiction.  The reader will only know her as BG, out of respect for her privacy.  This is her story.

BG began using drugs when she was 16-years old.  The drugs filled an empty hole, and made her feel better about herself.  But those results were only temporary.  Her drug use began with marijuana, and escalated from there.

She relates that she used practically every drug known to man.  She even made a few drugs in her college chemistry lab.  It was heroin that “seduced me out of my home” and it was crack cocaine that took her money and caused her to be fired from several jobs.

BG spent a majority of two years in one or another rehab facility, but nothing ever clicked and nothing ever really gave her all the necessary information and tools she needed to deal with her addiction.

Continuing Addiction

BG had been through rehab facilities that took a 12-step approach, but relapsed after two such programs and was kicked-out of the third.  She began to take-on the attitude that she was never going to get better, and the cycle in which she was trapped would go on forever—until she would end-up 6 feet under in the cemetery plot her parents considered buying for her when she only 23 years old.
BG had been arrested twice in 45 days in the state of Virginiafor the possession and distribution of heroin, and her outlook was not good.  She hadn’t been speaking to her parents in the weeks since she had been kicked-out of her third 12-step facility.

When she finally picked-up the phone to call her parents, her whole story came spilling out.  Her Mother made a call to lawyer to get approval for BG to leave the state and if necessary, to get treatment.

Headed for Narconon Arrowhead

Her mom invited her back home to start searching for drug rehab facilities.  BG started searching online, and when she googled “non 12-step rehabs”, several options came-up.  Narconon was one of those.

BG eventually clicked on  Narconon Arrowhead’s website, and liked what she read.  She showed it to her mom and dad, both of whom had studied in the sciences of physics and biochemistry.  When the three of them read about the New-Life Detoxification Program (Narconon Sauna), learning how drug toxins remain in the body and were inevitably part of her relapsing, BG said that everything started to come together and she knew that Narconon was the place where she needed to go.
BG said that from day one starting in withdraw, a different approach was taken. The all-natural withdrawal from drugs was only the beginning. In sauna, she sweated out all the toxins in her body.

Next she did some Training Routines to improve her ability to communicate, and other exercises (Objectives) which allowed her to realize things about herself, her surrounding and her abilities.

BG said these exercises gave her the strength she needed to know she could walk away from drugs.  She knew that no matter the situation she might be faced with in the future, she would get through it.  And she knew she would make the right decision, even if it was not the easiest one.

A Drug-Free Life

BG shares with the reader that since she completed and graduated from the Narconon Arrowhead Program, she has been able to turn down drugs offered to her—something she was never able to do.

Her parents have accepted her back, and she has regained their trust and confidence in her as a human being. BG said she is confident in her ability to make the right decisions, and to learn from her previous mistakes.

In closing, BG said, “This program did what other programs couldn’t do — it saved my life.”

And perhaps that is the greatest gift of all.

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