Graduate Speaks Out On Recovery Through Our Narconon Arrowhead Program

drug freeA little over a year and a half ago, Liberty Burkhart found herself drowning because of drug addiction, no longer caring about herself or her life.  Years of drug abuse caused her constant shame and guilt, which Liberty tried to hide with anger and rage.  Each morning she asserted to herself that it would be the last day she would use drugs, but each night she prayed for the strength to fight the demon she felt inside her.  In Liberty’s own words, “Addiction is powerful, it controls you, manipulates you and drives you to do things that in your right state of mind you know is immoral and unethical.  But that’s the demon as an addict you fight daily.”

Liberty grew up in the country on a farm, where she learned all about hard work.  Her parents were loving and dedicated parents who taught Liberty about morals and the difference between right and wrong.  Liberty graduated from high school, attended college and went on to raise a family of four wonderful children.  She was a stable, loving mother and wife and was the glue that helped keep her family together when times got rough.  And then came drugs.

Liberty’s journey into drug addiction started approximately ten years ago when several health issues arose and necessitated that Liberty undergo several surgical procedures.  Liberty found that the prescription drugs for post-surgery pain also made her feel emotionally better.  She began abusing her prescription painkillers to heighten her emotional feelings, firmly starting down the path to drug addiction.

Four years ago Liberty’s drug addiction took over her life.  She lost her children, her friends and her self-respect.  Despite this and the fact that they were sad, confused, frustrated and angry, Liberty’s family never gave up hope that she could kick her drug habit.  Like many sober individuals, Liberty’s family didn’t understand her inability to simply stop using drugs.  They desperately wanted to get her some help, but they understood that Liberty first had to admit she had a problem and needed help.  Liberty says, “This was one of my biggest hurdles was admitting that I had a drug problem, because to say that out loud meant the reflection staring back at me in the mirror was that lifeless, cold, worthless, beat down and angry woman who just didn’t care anymore.”

Liberty did finally admit that she had a drug problem, and her family immediately got on the phone and contacted Narconon Arrowhead.  Liberty says, “That is a day I will never forget, for I was reborn that day.  I had a new beginning at life, I just didn’t know it yet.”

Liberty spent four months in Narconon Arrowhead’s residential rehabilitation treatment program.  It was often a very tough journey, but Narconon staff helped Liberty continue on her path to sobriety.  Liberty also experienced many positive changes during the program, giving her the drive to continue.  At the end of the program she no longer felt like a worthless drug addict and had regained her self-respect, her desire to live a healthy life, and her interest in helping others improve their lives.

Following her program graduation, Liberty chose to sign on as a staff member at Narconon Arrowhead.  She finds each day highly rewarding as she helps others overcome their drug addictions and regain strength and self-respect.  Her children are once again in her life, and her family is happy to have the “old” Liberty back.

About Narconon

Narconon Arrowhead is a holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in southern Oklahoma, overlooking the beautiful Lake Eufaula.  Based on the drug rehabilitation research and developments made by L. Ron Hubbard, the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is unique in its thorough address of the full mental, emotional and physical causes and effects of drug use and its life skills courses that help arm the individual with the tools they need to go on into a healthy, productive, drug-free life after program graduation.

The Narconon program includes a sauna detox that helps eliminate all of the residual drug toxins in the individual’s body down to a cellular level.  The result of this thorough detox is a truly clean body, preventing the relapses, depression, anxiety and cravings that often occur even after drug use has stopped.  The program student participates in counseling to help spot and resolve the life conditions and problems that turned them to drug use in the first place, which can help prevent a future return to drug use.  The program student also takes many life skills courses, with the intention of raising their communication, responsibility and self-confidence levels.

According to independent research through outcome studies, staff and student interviews and reviews, the Narconon program has 70% of graduates reporting drug abstinence.  Liberty’s story is one of the many successes from graduates of Narconon Arrowhead.  For more information about their program and learn about more successes like Liberty’s, visit


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