How I Beat Drug Abuse

beating drug abuseThe following line from the poem, Hello, my name is Drugs, captures the true horror of drugs and what drugs do to a person.  If anyone truly knew and understood the door to darkness which he or she was opening when taking that first hit, or swallowing that first pill, or taking that first drink, it is possible that drug use and abuse would fade away and life as it was meant to be lived would be restored. 

 A Litany of Sorrow and Regret 

Come take my hand, let me lead you to HELL. – excerpted from the poem, Hello…my name is Drugs.  The author of the poem is unknown to this writer. In the circles of the internet it is attributed to various sources.  Despite its unverified origin, the poem is a must read, as it gives the reader insight into the world of what it is like to become—and be—a drug addict.  The best version of the poem along with a brief excerpt on who may have penned it can be found here.

Although different addicts may try different ways to get and stay sober with varying degrees of both success and failure, there is one factor common to all who successfully beat drug abuse—the person must want it and be willing to do what it takes to achieve it.  It can be a long, hard road journey to walk out the same road the person walked down when he or she descended into drug abuse and addiction.   There are sorrows and regrets to be faced and dealt with.  There is damage to self and others to repair and make-up for.  There is the irrefutable fact that drugs steal time and life from a person, and it is time lost that cannot be relived.  That too must be faced for what it is.  So it takes courage and fortitude and persistence to beat drug abuse.  It takes a burning desire to free oneself from the physical, mental and spiritual chains of addiction.  And it takes a burning desire to create a new life without drugs.  There will be a need to learn how to live a new life without drugs, and a willingness to experience the world and the people in it as it is, without the false and altered drug-induced reality to which the addict retreats.

One Addict’s Story: How I Beat Drug Abuse

The following is the story of one person who found the hope and desire along with successful drug-free rehabilitation treatment.

It has been nearly one year since my drug abuse has ceased to exist. For nearly 10 years I used cocaine and heroin on a daily basis. I was caught in a trap and I couldn’t find my own way out. I tried three times to get help with 12-step programs; they worked for one to three months each time. I had had it. This addiction kept coming up again and again. My sister found Narconon Arrowhead on her computer and asked me to take a look. It was all new to me, the sauna, course work and finding out what I was missing.  

I came to Narconon Arrowhead beaten and very hopeless and at my wits end. Now after more than a year I’m sober. I don’t have cravings and I know how to handle myself and other’s in a positive fashion.  

I beat drug abuse. I am not an addict anymore, but who I intended to be; a helping, winning, successful man who has his life back and can handle anything it brings.   -D.H. Narconon Arrowhead Graduate 

With the renewed hope and desire to achieve the goal of a drug-free life in conjunction with a proven alternative holistic approach to drug rehabilitation treatment, an addict can beat drug abuse. 

For help beating drug abuse, contact Narconon Arrowhead at 1-800-468-6933.

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