I Feel I Can Take On Anything After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

girlWhile plenty of arguments can be made about the damaging effects of drugs, one of the most despicable things about drugs is how their use can rob an individual of his will to live.  It’s even more disheartening when one considers that many of these drugs were initially taken because they were promoted as “helpful”.  An unsuspecting individual who is encountering some difficulty in life may be desperate for some form of help or relief, and is offered a drug as a solution.  Even health professionals often offer a prescription drug to solve a physical, mental or emotional problem, leading the individual to believe that there is no other better solution.

It can be hard to understand why some substance-abusing individuals feel robbed of their will to live but still continue to take drugs, unless one understands how drugs work.  It is commonly believed that drug use is by choice, and therefore can be ended by choice.  If this were actually true, few rehabilitation facilities would be as direly needed as they are.  The fact is that while initial drug use is definitely by individual choice, drug addiction can make the individual feel as though they are a puppet and someone or something else is in control of their strings.

The chemicals in drugs are designed to interact with the brain, suppressing or altering normal brain functions.  Depending on the drug, the chemicals may be designed to suppress the pain receptors in the brain or stimulate the sensation of reward or pleasure.  Initially, this chemical intrusion is simply a foreign and temporary visitor, and is not necessarily missed when it wears off.  However, when the individual who wants to re-experience the drug-related euphoric high takes more of the drug, the brain and body is flooded again with chemicals.  Over time, the once foreign chemical becomes tolerated, and the individual discovers that they must take larger amounts of the drug to achieve the same “high” sensation.  As more time passes, the body begins to expect and depend on the drug chemicals, essentially punishing the condition of “no-drugs” by inflicting upon the individual powerful and sometimes painful cravings.  It is at this point that the individual loses their power over the consumption of drugs, and finds that their every thought and action revolves around obtaining and using more drugs.

Despite the fact that the individual’s “strings” are now being controlled by the body’s demand for more drugs, the individual is aware, to some degree, of the loss of power they have over their own life and actions.  Such an individual can easily despair over the fact that drugs are running and destroying their life, and they often feel there is no way out.

From Despair to Elation

It is not unusual for individuals to arrive at Narconon rehabilitation centers in a poor state of physical and mental health due to substance abuse.  For JW, however, his life had been so entirely destroyed by drugs that he felt certain there was no way out, except death.  He was miserable, depressed and suicidal.  He couldn’t confront or solve problems, he couldn’t communicate with others, he couldn’t remember what it was like to be happy or healthy, and he couldn’t see a point in life.

Through the Narconon program, JW was able to rid his body and mind of the many effects of drugs.  The sauna detoxification program cleared residual drug toxins from his body, while the life skills courses provided him with the skills necessary to remain drug-free, confront and resolve problems in life, communicate with others, and to live without feeling that death was always on the horizon.

JW has now graduated from the Narconon program, and feels amazingly clean and clear-minded.  He is happy, bright and full of life and energy, and feels like he can take on anything in life.  He is grateful to the program and staff at Narconon who literally saved his life, and showed him how to make it the best it can be.

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