I Got Everything Back After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

guyImagine the fear, confusion, horror and helplessness you would feel in trying to run for your life while your legs are trapped in quicksand.  No matter how much energy you exert to try and get free, it only seems to exhaust you further and make you more certain that nothing can be done to save you.  This is exactly what it can feel like for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse.

The power of drug addiction can cause an individual to throw away everything that was once important to them in life in order to reach for their next hit or high.  Even the individual who can vaguely see through the thick fog of drug addiction and realize that something has to be done if they want a chance at a happy, healthy future feels certain that they are beyond help.  The roots of addiction run too deeply, controlling their every thought and action and creating a feeling of powerlessness that seems insurmountable.  Such an individual doesn’t simply need to withdraw from the use of drugs, they need support and encouragement as they attempt to discover why they turned to drugs in the first place, and what they need to do in order to turn their life around.

Why Narconon Arrowhead’s Treatment Works

One can naively suggest that all substance abusers need is rehabilitation treatment.  One may even imply that an individual who fails to successfully resolve their problems with substance abuse after participating in a rehabilitation program must not really want to be free from drugs.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

Effective rehabilitation treatment must consider the fact that an individual who has problems with substance abuse is essentially living in a state where physical urges and cravings are overpowering their mental desire to be drug-free.  If these physical urges and cravings are not fully resolved, the individual has little chance of confronting and resolving the underlying mental reasons for their initial and continuing drug use.

Treatment that allows an individual to discover for himself why he began to use drugs, and also allows the individual to acquire the life skills they need in order to confidently set and achieve their goals in life without the use of drugs, is treatment that can move the individual from feeling entirely helpless to feeling that there is hope after all.  Such treatment can help the individual win back their life from drugs.

Finding Hope in Recovery

Valerie’s life was without hope before she enrolled in Narconon Arrowhead.  She was living in a seedy hotel room and never saw the four year old son she had abandoned.  She wasn’t capable of caring for herself or anyone else, and her entire life revolved around drugs.  Luckily she was able to change everything with the Narconon program.

At Narconon Valerie achieved much more than sobriety from drugs.  She regained the abilities she had lost due to her drug use and gained many more abilities that have helped her enormously every day since.  She has developed a structure in and purpose for her life.  She is happy and motivated, and owes it to the life skills she learned on her Narconon program.
Valerie is now an admissions coordinator for Narconon Arrowhead.  She is a loving, devoted mother to her son, and happy with her career.  She truly believes in what she is doing to help others overcome their problems with substance abuse since she herself is testament to the fact that even the most hopeless drug addict can take their life back from drugs with the right tools, support and program.

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