I Tried Other Programs But Narconon Arrowhead Helped Me Get Clean

womanThere may be few things more disheartening for a substance abuser than participating in rehabilitation treatment only to relapse into drug use shortly thereafter.  In the hope that something can be done to effectively resolve their problems with drugs, the substance abuser may pursue other treatment programs, thinking that perhaps they can find the right one that will work for them.  With the alternatives being lengthy prison stays or drug-related death, enrolling in treatment program after treatment program may seem like the only promising option the individual has.  But honestly, why is it that rehabilitation treatment can fail in truly rehabilitating an individual?

Why Rehabilitation Treatment Can Fail

Substance abuse is not a condition wherein an individual makes a choice to use drugs each and every day.  While initial drug use may have begun this way, substance abuse is a condition where the individual’s body not only tolerates the drug chemicals, but has grown dependent on them.  Individuals who may desire to quit their drug use can find it challenging or impossible to overcome the intense and sometimes painful physical cravings for drugs.  If rehabilitation treatment fails to address and fully resolve these cravings, it may fail to fully rehabilitate an individual.

Drug use doesn’t just “happen”, the individual himself had to make a choice to use drugs in order to deal with a difficult or painful situation in their life.  Trying to rehabilitate an individual without helping him uncover and take responsibility for this initial choice to use drugs is like trying to put out a forest fire while continuing to throw lit matches.

Once an individual has spotted and taken responsibility for their initial choice to use drugs, they can be armed with the life skills that will enable them to address similar and other problems and difficulties in the future without returning to drug use.  Rehabilitation treatment that fails to do this is essentially sending a weak individual back out to face an army without any weapons with which to defeat it.

Luckily, there are rehabilitation treatment facilities with full programs that address all the points above.  In many cases, individuals who have failed to achieve sobriety through other programs can do so with a more thorough treatment program.

Virginia’s Story of Rehabilitation

Virginia is a graduate of Narconon Arrowhead, and has recently celebrated one year sober.  She knows that it was not simply “rehabilitation treatment” that helped her achieve this goal, but specifically the Narconon rehabilitation program and the technology she learned while at Narconon.

In an effort to resolve her problems with substance abuse, Virginia had previously enrolled in a 12-step program.  In the 12-step program Virginia was labelled an “addict”, treated like damaged goods and told what she would have to do achieve sobriety.  Following program completion, Virginia relapsed right back into drug use.

At Narconon Virginia learned how to take responsibility for herself and her actions and build successful relationships with others. She also learned that she was worth saving and can be a productive member of society.  Never once during her time at Narconon was she called or treated as an “addict”.  She was treated with kindness and respect, and made to feel comfortable.

Virginia learned to be aware of herself and her present environment and finally leave her past and drugs behind her.  In the sauna detoxification portion of her program, Virginia rid her body of drug toxins and finally experienced relief from the depression and cravings that had ruled her life for five years.

The Narconon program also helped Virginia learn how to stay clean in her future and how to make her future better.  She finally took responsibility for her actions instead of blaming her drug use on something or someone else.  Virginia was able to repair every relationship she had damaged or destroyed during the course of her addiction.  She learned how to recognize dangerous personalities in her environment and how to handle or avoid them so they didn’t adversely affect her life.  Virginia believes that it is these tools that have helped her stay clean and not fall back into the old habits and routines that led to drug use.

Virginia is no longer just “going with the flow” of life, but is completely in control of her own life.  Since her graduation Virginia has continued to use the Narconon life skills in every area of her life and has experienced success in her career, her relationships and life in general.

Virginia is very grateful to the program and the staff that helped her earn a better life than she’d had even before drug use.  There is no doubt in Virginia’s mind that the Narconon program saved her life.

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