Mother Discusses what Narconon Arrowhead Did for Her Son

mother and sonNarconon Eslov in Sweden just celebrated its 30th year of successfully delivering the Narconon Program, helping addicts reclaim their lives from addiction and go on to live productive and happier lives.  A Mother and her son, a graduate of the rehab program at Narconon Eslov, shared their experience and how it changed their lives.

Life before Narconon

In August of 2012, as part of Narconon Eslovs’s annual celebration, the mother of Narconon graduate, Martin, shared the experience of her son having done the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, completing and graduating seven years earlier in 2005.

Martin’s mother said she and her son had a very hard time when he was on drugs.  She added that to be a mother of a son on drugs is “very, very difficult.”  She said you are always afraid, and scared about everything.

She emphasized how difficult it is to enjoy life when in the position of having a son on drugs, worried and afraid, and unable to enjoy happiness with these things going on in your life.  As a mother, she said you are always thinking about your child on drugs.

Life after Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

Martin’s mother said life changed for her after 2005, when her son finished the Narconon Program.

She said she wished that all parents could have the same wins that her family has had from her son doing the Narconon Program, that “this is amazing.”

Martin, there with his mother at the time of the interview, said he is “really happy to be the person I am today”, and now he can see his Mom “actually flourishing”.  He added that his Mom is happy, and he is really glad of the support he has from her.

His mother spoke further about the Narconon Program, saying that all the things Martin was doing as part of the Narconon Program, she also wanted to learn.  She added that she and her son could then use it together in their communication.  Martin’s mother noted that at Narconon, there is very important data to learn, and she is very, very happy for that.  She added, “we use it every day.”

Martin finished the interview by saying, “So now we live our life, really nice, together”.  And his Mom happily agreed.

More on the Narconon Program

The Narconon Program is entirely drug-free, and a person is rehabilitated without the use of drugs or medications to solve the very problems which were caused by drugs in the first place.

Narconon uses nutrition and nutritional supplements as a component part of the rehabilitation program delivery.  Therefore, the Narconon treatment program is neither a medical or psychiatric model, but is a humanistic and social educational model of rehabilitation.

Individuals who enroll in the program are required to receive complete medical physicals and permission from a medical doctor to do the program, along with periodic medical reviews as needed.  However, clients of the Narconon program are not considered to be “patients”, nor are they treated as such.  Clients are regarded as “students”, learning to gain control of their lives once again.

The above is a very important distinction, as Narconon students do not enroll on the program to “recover from an illness”.  Rather, a person enrolls on the Narconon program to learn new things that he or she did not already know, with the person addressing the disabilities caused by drug use with new skills for life, and new abilities

Ultimately, graduate of the Narconon program is a person who knows he or she is, in fact, capable of living a drug-free life thereafter.

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