Mother Says Narconon Arrowhead Helped Son Find Himself

Narconon ArrowheadIt is not unusual for the mother of a substance-abusing child to state that drugs have caused their child to lose himself.  A sports enthusiast can shun all sports activities, an artist can destroy or walk away from their art, even a friendly, social individual can avoid all social activities and occasions.  It is almost like the individual himself has been stolen away and replaced with a morose, unfeeling, unemotional robot.  Why is this so true of so many substance abusers?  The fact is that because the human body can quickly become dependent on drugs that are regularly ingested, physical cravings can cause the individual to think about nothing except obtaining and using more drugs.  Their former interests, relationships and even personality traits can seem to disappear entirely as their life revolves around drugs.

One of the goals of effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment is, of course, to help an individual achieve sobriety from drugs.  While this is a main and very important goal, one must also bear in mind that the substance abusing individual’s life, and the lives of others around him, may have been dramatically affected by their drug use and need to be repaired.  A drug rehabilitation treatment program that not only helps the individual achieve sobriety from drugs but also helps the individual regain and repair what they have lost is more thoroughly helping an individual rehabilitate their body and their life so that they can have a happier, healthier, more productive future.

Finding Oneself Through Substance Abuse Treatment

Susan’s life was entirely ruined by drug use, but not by her own drug use – it was ruined through her son’s drug use.  Susan was so incapable of functioning that she sought counseling for herself just to deal with her constant anxiety.  Her life was consumed with the fear that each day may be her son’s last.  She had trouble working and consequently experienced financial troubles in addition to her emotional turmoil.

Luckily for Susan and her son, they found out about the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehabilitation treatment program.  This holistic, residential treatment program includes a withdrawal program and a sauna detoxification program, as well as life skills courses to help the individual recover what they lost as a result of their drug use and arm himself against similar problems in the future.

Susan feels that her son definitely matured as he progressed through his Narconon program.  Halfway through the program Susan noticed that her son was coming alive again, and acting more like the son she had known before drugs interrupted their lives.  Through the Narconon program, Susan’s son was able to find himself again and grow as a person.

Susan’s son completed the Narconon program and returned to his life, now happy, healthy, and confident.  He is working a steady job and feels good about himself.  Where once he was a people pleaser that bowed to others’ desires regardless of his own feelings, Susan’s son is now confident enough to express himself to others and maintain a high level of self-respect.

Susan has no doubt that the Narconon program saved her son’s life.  She eagerly recommends the Narconon program to others who are struggling with substance abuse because she feels that it not only helps the individual achieve sobriety, it helps them find the true self they lost to drugs and repair the damages drugs did to their life and the lives of those around them.  Susan says that if a mother’s child is suffering from drug addiction, Narconon is the safe and helpful place she should want them to be.

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