Narconon Arrowhead Clients Discuss Gains From Sauna Detox Program

saunaThe following are a series of reviews on the Narconon sauna detox program. The sauna program is a comprehensive part of the Narconon treatment curriculum aimed at resolving the physical aspect of substance abuse. Those undergoing treatment in the sauna, also called the New Life Detoxification program are on a specific regimen of vitamins, mineral supplements have foods that are highly recommended as well as water intake. The program involves sweating for intermitted periods in a dry heat sauna so one can sweat toxins out of the body.

Many clients who undergo treatment at Narconon Arrowhead feel the sauna was one of the most effective parts of the program. Here are several client reviews on the program:

Sauna Gave Me a New Outlook on Life

My outlook on life is a new one. I feel better now than I have in years. My thoughts and perceptions are clear and focused on my physical well being for my family and I. My body feels clean from all drugs and toxins that I have ingested over many years. The vitamins have given me a healthy start to the rest of my life. Thank you for something I could not have done on my own. TS

Feeling Incredible After the Sauna

After completing the sauna portion of the program, I feel incredible. It took me awhile to finish, but it was well worth it. I feel the best I have felt in my whole life. I know this is the single most important thing I have done in my life. My body feels so clean and young again. This was truly an amazing experience for me. I am now ready to get on with the rest of my program. CW

Effects of Drug Use Erased

After completing sauna, I have felt the effects of all my drug usage erased in a matter of weeks. My head has cleared up and I am ready to move on and focus my life on other things with a clean slate. I don’t feel the chronic laziness I used to feel when I was smoking weed. I don’t have to worry about the effects of drug residuals still in my body. ML

The Best Think I Had Ever Done

After completing sauna I feel like a brand-new person. I am now free of all drugs and toxins that were in my body. I have become precise in my thoughts and actions. I can see clearly and my sense of smell is back to normal. The arthritis in my knees has gone away. My blood pressure has lowered and stabilized and my skin is soft and clear. I sleep all through the night and have energy all day. This program is the best thing that I have ever done. I am truly clean. CW

I Feel Clear

Wow! Today is a very special day. In addition to feeling physically better than I have in 16 years, my mind is clear enough to feel genuine joy at accomplishing what I set out to do. I started the sauna program with a body full of impurities, from drugs to radiation to food preservatives. Now, I have a biologically clean slate! My emotions are amazingly consistent. Finally, I can truly recognize when I feel good! My mind is sharp and clear and I can remember things I haven’t been able to in years. I’m blown away. My body and mind are happy with me! I’m having no more drug re-stimulations. I have more energy and vitality than I have in years. My hair, eyes and skin are shining. My vision, sense of smell and taste are vastly improved. I am truly thankful for the technology that’s enabled me to become free and to become more of who I was born to be! CM

My Doubts Are Resolved After Doing this Program

When I started sauna, I doubted it. I didn’t really believe it would do anything. I have been proven wrong. I now feel more clear-headed than I ever have in my whole life. I notice things throughout the day that I never saw. When I began every day, I thought about drugs and how I wanted to do them. I now think about my family and my future without drugs. I have a positive outlook on life and now that with the help and information I will learn in the books to come I will have a new drug-free life. I know I have gotten rid of all drugs and any other toxins that may have been in my body and it feels great! I’m also in better physical condition than ever. I eat good and sleep great. My mental wellbeing is at a whole new level. I was tired of doing drugs and getting in trouble with the law, etc., but I could never get over that “bump” to actually quit. Since going through the sauna, I know I can do it and actually want to. I no longer have any desire to do drugs. I am focused now on my future. I know I have completed the sauna program. I did so to the best of my ability. I now look forward to learning what the rest of the facility has to offer. I know I will make it work. DP


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