Narconon Arrowhead Clients Talk About How the Program Changed Their Lives

group talkingBelow are a series of reviews of clients who were admitting to the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab program. Each one wrote a review on Narconon Arrowhead discussing how the treatment changed their life.

Before Narconon Arrowhead My Life Was Controlled by Opiate Addiction

For too long my life was controlled by opiate addiction. As soon as I came to Narconon, I realized how all that would change. How I would be the captain of my ship from now on, eventually bating my addiction, lead me to believe in my free will again. I can’t believe how well I have recovered from the drugs by going through the awesome with drawl program. I’m grateful for a new perception on life.

Dylan L.

I Realized I Don’t Need Pills to Fix My Anxiety I don’t need pills to fix my anxiety. Sarah did an amazing job. I don’t need pills to have a good time. I don’t have any urges at all. My life will be Drug-Free. (Xanax-Free)

Daniel S.

Life Isn’t Just about Taking

I feel real good. I know that it’s not about just taking a successful life it’s about a fair exchange. I feel like I have got my life back and a fresh and clean slate to start with, which is great. I’m really happy and thanks to the hard work from the course sup. I am glad I am completing this program.

Logan W.

I Learned About Myself through Narconon

I am very happy to have graduated the Narconon program. I’m feeling proud of myself for pushing through. It was all worth it. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about who I want to be. I feel confident in myself that I will do well with my life. I’m really excited to go home and to get back to my babies. I’m excited for my future now that I have the tools I need to live a sober life.

Ashley L.

I Realized I Justified my Drug Use

The more you sit and think of all the things that you have done throughout your life, the more that it sets in just how many bad decisions that I’ve made and how crazy it sounds. When you are a drug addict, you lie so much that eventually your memory will alter your reality. I justified so much for so long that I never thought I would ever be able to tell my family ever part of the truth! I came clean to my wife before I got here, but actually taking the time to sit and think about what I did and how I hurt my loved ones and force myself to face my lies is what really makes me feel like I’m getting better. And I know that I still have time to be the husband and father that they need me to be!

Brandon M.

Meth Only Caused Problems in My Life

I know that meth has done nothing for me. All I see is what I have lost and problems it has created. It’s torn me away from myself and my friend’s, which is probably not a bad thing, they weren’t good friends anyways. It has caused problems with my family. I am already putting the pieces of my life back in place. It’s really not that hard to do with a clear head. I’m a big boy. I can own up to my wrong doings and try to make them right without drugs in my life.

Rodney H.

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