Narconon Arrowhead Credited For Saving Life of Young Man

young manThere may be nothing more devastating that watching an individual’s life be destroyed by substance abuse.  The individual who is full of life, health, dreams and possibilities becomes an empty shell, living a sort of “half-life” wherein nothing matters but the attainment and use of drugs.  Regardless of who these individuals once were, it is no secret that close friends, loved ones and indeed society at large suffers their loss as contributing members.  Not only can they cause harm to society through drug-related criminal acts and draining valuable resources, but they no longer dream big and strive to improve the world around them.  It may be said that as more individuals turn to substance abuse, the more society falls away from the ideal and toward death. 

Substance abuse can dramatically affect and alter anyone’s life, causing heartache and pain for the individual himself and for those around him.  It can be especially difficult for all concerned when the substance abuser is young, with their full life ahead of them.

A life saved

K was a very intelligent, charismatic and good-natured young man.  He was raised in a loving, stable, Christian home and wanted for nothing.  After graduating from school, K joined the Marines and began to proudly serve his country.  Unfortunately, like many other military and veterans have done before him, K completed his time in the service and turned to substance abuse to deal with emotional and psychological trauma.

K’s life slowly and steadily spiraled out of control.  He enrolled in a thirty-day residential drug treatment program but was unable to fully resolve his problems with substance abuse.  K’s drug use was not only a threat to his own life, but to the lives of others around him, including his family.  K’s mother was completely devastated, her family torn apart.  She had no idea what to do to help her son or her family, and like many other mothers whose child has turned to drug abuse, she couldn’t comprehend why it had happened.

K’s family found out about the Narconon Arrowhead rehabilitation program and quickly got him enrolled.  K participated in a drug-free withdrawal program, assisted by vitamins, physical assists and highly-trained, professional and caring staff.  He then cleansed his body of residual drug toxins in a sauna detoxification program.  With support and guidance K also discovered why he had turned to drug use in the first place, and took responsibility for his past actions that caused damage in his own and others’ lives.

In addition to fully resolving the mental and physical causes and effects of his drug use, K learned valuable life skills.  K became aware of his present environment and his place in it so that he would not continue to focus on his past difficulties or drug use.  He learned how to spot dangerous personalities around him, and how to improve conditions in his life.  He learned rules for happy living, and how he could responsibly shape his own life and reach his goals without the use of drugs.

K is now a very healthy, happy young man with a very bright future.  He was able to rebuild his relationship with his family, much to their relief and joy.  K’s uncle says that the difference in K since he graduated from the Narconon program is nothing short of staggering.  K’s grandfather, while a loving, kind man at heart, had himself battled with drug addiction until the day he died.  He too had participated in traditional treatment centers where substitute medications and psychological evaluations were proffered, and while he had been supported by family every step of the way, he was unable to achieve sobriety.  With K’s life so dramatically and wonderfully restored, his uncle openly appreciates the facility that can and does make such a wonderful difference in people’s lives, especially when they need it most.

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