Narconon Arrowhead Gives Brother Back

brotherMy brother is a recovered drug addict. I was born when my brother was eleven years old, so I didn’t really know all about his childhood. I honestly don’t remember him till I was about four years old. We went to Disney World and I remember when he would walk with my older sister and I, to go see Alvin and The Chipmunks and more…

I can tell by the pictures from when we were younger that my brother loved me very much and I can just see that my brother did really care about me.

I guess by the time he was 14, I didn’t really see him that often and I didn’t have that loving older brother any more. I remember when my mom would have him baby sit me and he would not pay any attention to me. The most attention I got from him was being chased with fireballs and being threatened by him holding me over the stair rail. Now older brothers might do that to their little sisters but not constantly. I also remember him taking me to the woods where we would meet his friends so they could smoke pot and get screwed up. I guess in my head I could tell that it was wrong and I should tell my mom, but I just never did.

I Wanted To Help My Brother

I always wanted to help my brother quit smoking by buying him bubble gum and throwing his cigs away. Well finally my parents decided that they would need to put him in family therapy with them. My sister would watch me while my mom and dad would take him to the Therapist. Like any little sister I tried to always be optimistic and believe that my brother was doing no harm. My friends who had older brothers and sisters heard about my brother and his problems and made fun of me. My best friend when I was younger was our next-door neighbor and he did have a sister in my brother’s grade and he would always make fun of my brother. I always stood up for him though.

Still Smoking The Enemy

My brother had gone to several teen addicts groups and yet he still smoked the enemy. My older sister felt betrayed by my brother’s actions and how he let us down so many times that she did not talk to him for three years. I don’t think that I could forget my brother like she did. About 6 years ago he went to real rehabs, but none of them worked for long and he still hung out with his friends that were also pot buddies. At those times I didn’t know why my brother didn’t love me anymore. Well about three years ago my sister had her baby and Chris was right there with us yet not entirely. See he was high even during this sacred time. Soon after that he was on a plane to Narconon Arrowhead. 

I didn’t believe that this program would be any different but I was wrong. Three months after he entered into Narconon Arrowhead he called my whole family to tell us sorry for his actions. Right then I could tell that this program did save him and helped to make him the man that he could be. Now my brother works for Narconon Arrowhead. I can’t express how happy I am to have my brother back and a friend. He now gives me advice when I feel blue and lifts my spirits in my times of need and love. I love my brother so much and I’m just glad that he is still here and not doing drugs anymore. If he still sold or used he could be dead by now and I would never want that. Thank you Narconon for helping my brother save himself and for giving me back my brother.

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