Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Knows the Ultimate Game is a Drug-Free Life

drugsWe all experience defining moments in our lives.  Some are radical and extreme, taking a person on an upward spiral towards life or a downwards spiral towards death.  This is one young man’s story of such a defining moment when he confronted his drug problem head-on, admitting he needed help.  It was that life-changing decision that brought him to the doors of Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma.  And this is John’s story.

Once at Arrowhead, he found things got easier, that in facing the reality of his substance abuse problem and being honest with himself allowed him to reach-out to those around him for support.  He recognized that is was the first step in the direction of getting his life back.

As John made his way through the Narconon rehabilitation program, he realized it took time, just as it had taken him a long time for his life to deteriorate and for him to arrive in the condition which he found himself.  He was wise enough to recognize it would take him some time to work out of it and get back up to a level of life as he desired.  In the effort to once again live life drug-free, any moment spent in the achievement of that goal is time well spent.

John began to experience change, radical change according to him.  He became more honest.  He became more willing to see the other person’s side of things, and he became much more himself.  It was a delightfully new experience for him, and he carried on.

Why Persistence Pays Off When Handling Addiction

As with any endeavor, persistence pays off in the end.  John persisted and completed the Narconon Arrowhead program.  Immediately upon completion, he turned himself in at Craig County in Eastern Texas for an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

John said he can honestly say it was not something he would have been able to do had he not completed the Narconon program which enabled him to assume responsibility for his actions, the ones that got him there in the first place.

He finished his stint in that county jail and when he walked out a free man, he went right back to Narconon Arrowhead.  He wanted to start Drug Education Specialist training there, which he did.  It was December 3rd, 2006.

Much has happened since that day, as is the way of life.  John has accomplished a lot, and has put himself in a position requiring a high level of commitment and responsibility.  He has had the opportunity to reach upwards of 150,000 students throughout the mid-west with effective and life-changing drug and alcohol education.  He has organized groups, partnered with community leaders, and put-on events.  As John says, “the list goes on and on.”

A very special part of John’s story, in addition to all the young people whose lives he’s touched as a professional Drug Education Presenter, is his relationship with his family.  So typical of drug addiction and the addiction lifestyle is the betrayal of the addict’s family.  And so typical of true rehabilitation is the desire of the person to restore good relations with family once sober.

According to John Bitinas, he betrayed his family’s trust time and time again when abusing drugs and alcohol.  But now, his family is extremely proud of  is work and his success, success that John says he achieved through the staff and the technology of Narconon Arrowhead’s rehab program.

“Life is not only worth living, it is the ultimate game for me where every day I end-up a winner!”
And that truly is the ultimate game of life for any one of us.

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