Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Opens Up About Sauna Treatment Program

saunaMost people assume that a drug rehabilitation treatment program includes helping the participant through the difficult drug withdrawal stage.  Some programs include counseling to help the individual get to the root of their drug use problems and gain the skills necessary to move forward into a drug-free life.  But few programs effectively address or remove the source of drug cravings and drug-related depression and anxiety: residual drug toxins that can remain in the cells of the body long after the individual has stopped using drugs.  It is these residual toxins that can often cause an individual to relapse into drug use after rehabilitation treatment and it is free from these residual toxins that an individual can hope to have a drug-free life.

Narconon’s Sauna Treatment Program

Narconon Arrowhead is a holistic drug rehabilitation facility in Oklahoma that uses a sauna treatment program to help effectively eliminate residual drug toxins from the individual’s body.

Bodies store drugs and toxins in the fatty tissues of the body, allowing them to remain in the body for years after they were first ingested.  These drug toxins can be dislodged by stress, exercise or other physical changes and the individual can suddenly find himself experiencing the effects and highs of the drug, even if he has been drug-free for many years.  It follows that until these toxins are fully eliminated from the body, the individual is subject to the possibility of relapsing into drug use.

At Narconon, program students follow an exact regimen of nutritional supplements, exercises and sweating in a dry-heat sauna in order to fully remove all drug toxins from their body.  The individual takes niacin in order to open the blood vessels so they can help in the detoxification process.  Oils are taken to help replace the fats in the body that are full of drug residues.  Exercises are done at the individual’s comfort level to increase the blood flow in the individual’s body so that the released drug residuals can be effectively flowed out of the body.  After taking his supplements and exercising for a specified period of time, the program student enters the dry-heat sauna and sweats out the toxins.  This pattern is followed daily until the individual is entirely drug-free.  The individual feels physically and mentally alert when they have fully completed the sauna treatment program.  It is at this point that many individuals report their drug cravings to be largely reduced or even entirely eliminated.

Individuals participating in the sauna treatment program may initially feel bad as residual drugs re-enter their bloodstream.  They may have intense cravings for drugs or re-experience some of the effects of the drugs.  It is vital that the individual continue through the rest of the sauna treatment when this occurs.  Narconon staff are professionally trained to help sauna treatment program students with supplements to aid their recovery.

Success with Narconon’s Sauna

A recent Narconon Arrowhead graduate shared his story about the Narconon sauna treatment program.  Suffering from a powerful addiction to cocaine, stealing and missing work, this young man felt he was “just going down the tubes”.

After enrolling in the drug rehabilitation treatment program at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, he felt that the turning point in his program was the sauna treatment program. He was certain that his body was clean after he completed this program.  “All the cravings and wanting to go back and use … that all left after I did sauna,” he said.  “I don’t even feel like the same person.  I can wake-up in the morning, and I’m actually awake! I am here! And for my future … I’m just really excited about everything.”

This is just one of the many successes shared by Narconon Arrowhead graduates, demonstrating time and again the importance of the sauna treatment program in effectively rehabilitating an individual from their drug use


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