Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Says Program Was Nothing Short of Life Saving

woman discussingVery few people understand how overpowering an addiction to drugs can be.  A sober individual can view a drug addict and make the offhand comment that the addict is just throwing their life away with drugs.  While this is true, what many people fail to realize is that the addict may be desperate for help and change but has been unable to receive it.

What is Addiction

Drug addiction usually begins with the individual’s choice to use drugs in order to deal with or avoid some problem in their life.  Of course, drugs only temporarily relieve the unpleasant sensations connected with that problem, and do nothing to address or resolve the problem itself.  The individual’s choice is then to take more drugs.  At the same time that their drug use is becoming more and more regular, it is also creating more and more additional problems since the individual often begins to suffer emotionally and physically as a result of drug use.  The individual’s solution for these new problems?  More drugs.

Over time, the individual’s body becomes dependent upon and addicted to drugs, and the element of choice leaves the picture entirely.  The individual is now driven, from the moment they wake up until the time they slip into restless sleep, by the intense cravings and desire for more drugs.  They may not see the full effects their drug use has caused, but they are often aware that damaging effects have occurred.  Many times, their main focus is on the fact that they just want to get to the point where they can live for one day, or even one hour, without thinking about or using drugs.  For many addicts, this is a dream that seems as far out of reach as the moon.

Finding Hope Through Effective Drug Treatment

Rehabilitation treatment can and has been successful for countless drug addicts.  However, because each individual is different and has different needs as far as their rehabilitation program is concerned, not all rehabilitation treatment results in success.  This can be very disheartening for an addict who is already suffering from a serious lack of hope and self-confidence.  Finding the right rehabilitation program that allows one to not only achieve sobriety but maintain it indefinitely into the future is nothing short of a miracle.  Luckily, that is exactly what happened for Tom at Narconon Arrowhead.

After two decades of heroin and methadone addiction, Tom arrived at Narconon with only the tiniest glimmer of hope that something could be done to help him resolve his drug problems.  He had participated in countless rehabilitation programs without any lasting success, and believed that attaining sobriety and happiness was about as likely as winning the lottery.  Despite how unlikely he felt recovery was, he still refused to accept the alternatives of either prison or death without exhausting every possible solution first.  He still dreamed of a drug-free existence, and reached out hopefully to the Narconon program.

Upon arriving at Narconon Arrowhead Tom decided that if there was any chance he could achieve sobriety and happiness, it was worth a genuine effort on his part.  When he met the loving, caring and committed staff members he decided that he could and would make it through.  He dedicated himself to his program, working hard to rid his body of drug toxins, and clear his mind of drug effects.  He learned how to communicate well with others, take responsibility for his decisions and actions in life, and improve situations that arose in life.

Three months after arriving at Narconon, Tom graduated from the program.  He is now drug-free and in control for the very first time in his adult life.  Tom views his experience at Narconon as nothing short of amazing, unbelievable, spectacular and life-saving.  What had once seemed completely impossible is now a reality – he is sober and happy.

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