Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Still Clean Eight Years Later

clean handsEmily describes herself as unbelievably happy, confident and healthy.  This is no small statement when one considers that eight years ago she was addicted to crystal meth and OxyContin and felt entirely hopeless and out of control.  Her “life” consisted of pole dancing, letting men put their hands on her just so she would get enough money to buy the next hit she would take in the club bathroom.

Emily was certain that she was crazy – bipolar, schizophrenic, manic-depressive and more.  She had no self-respect or self-confidence and hated herself, her life and her parents.  Her body was just a thing to abuse, she didn’t care about how she was damaging and destroying it with drugs.  Her drug use helped hide her real problems and make her feel what she thought was normal, or at least as normal as she could hope to be.

It was on October 9th, 2005 that Emily finally hit rock bottom and realized that she had to handle her drug addiction or she would die.  On that fateful night, Emily had begun bleeding heavily.  Before driving herself to a local emergency room, Emily took both crystal meth and Oxycontin.  When she was sitting alone in a hospital emergency room, trying to figure out who she could call to come help her, she realized she had no one.  She had no true friends, and had cut herself off from her family.

In the hospital, Emily found out that she was pregnant and having a miscarriage.  At a dangerous eighty-two pounds, Emily hadn’t even known she was pregnant, and went into shock when the doctor told her that the drugs she was taking had killed her baby.  In total hysteria, Emily called her mother.  Because Emily had been lying to and manipulating her mother for years, her mother didn’t even believe her when she explained what had happened.

When Emily left the hospital she began to realize that she didn’t know what she was doing in her life, who she was or who she wanted to be.  She no longer recognized herself, only seeing the addict she had become.  After some time she called her mom again and told her that she was ready to receive help.  Her mother bought her a plane ticket to fly home, and Emily immediately left everything behind and boarded a plane.

Emily’s parents told her about Narconon Arrowhead, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in southern Oklahoma.  As much as she wanted help, Emily wasn’t even sure that anyone or anything could help her.  She had decided that she was doomed to suffer from the disease of addiction forever, or at least until it killed her.  It took a rather tense argument with her stepfather for Emily to realize that she had felt dead for years, and Narconon was a way out.  She then begged him to get her on a plane to Oklahoma so she could begin the program.

It was from the moment that Emily entered the Narconon facility that she began to feel more like her old self.  Through the Narconon program and the extensive after-care program, Emily discovered the true reasons behind her drug use and addiction and took responsibility for her actions.  She cleaned her body of drug toxins and eliminated cravings.  She also restored her self-respect through counseling and life skills courses, and learned about the choices she could make in life to live healthily and happily.

Emily has been clean for eight years now, since the day she hit bottom in the hospital.  She is happy, confident, healthy and free from guilt about her past choices.  She has developed strong relationships with her family and is now the dedicated, responsible mother of a beautiful son. She feels that she owes her life to Narconon and the caring staff there.  It is Emily’s hope that others who suffer from drug addiction also find this amazing program and reclaim their life as they were meant to live it.happy


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