Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Thanks Staff After 5 Months Clean

narconon arrowheadFor an individual who is trapped in the stranglehold that is drug addiction, any week, day or even hour that is spent sober seems like an eternity.  Unfortunately, unwelcome and overwhelming drug cravings can send them reeling back into drug use, and sobriety becomes a seemingly impossible dream that they are certain they can never really hold on to.  They may dream of or pray for sobriety, but are unable to see exactly how they can achieve it.  Sober individuals may think it simple to just stop using drugs and enroll in rehabilitation treatment, but the addict himself cannot see this through the fog of substance abuse that clouds their every thought and action.

Rehabilitation treatment aims toward the goal of restoring an individual to a healthy, productive life.  In order to effectively achieve this goal, rehabilitation treatment must succeed where the individual has failed and be persistent, hopeful, thorough and encouraging.  It must begin with addressing and resolving the immediate physical effects of drug use so that the individual can finally free his mind from the trap of the intense cravings that dominate every thought and action.  While withdrawal and detoxification are a critical part of rehabilitation treatment, it would be complete error to end a treatment program following physical rehabilitation.  After all, substance abuse began with a choice the individual made, and that choice must be examined by the individual.  Without taking responsibility for his past choices, he is ill prepared to make the right choices in the future.  Once he has confronted and resolved the underlying reasons for his drug use, the individual can then be armed with the tools and skills he needs to move forward in life, repairing damages he had caused and handling problems and challenges that may arise without returning to drug use.  In this way, the individual will become fully rehabilitated, and will have the self-confidence and certainty to maintain their sobriety far into the future.

Another chance at life

C.F. was trapped in the downward spiral of substance abuse, and lacked the hope that there could be a way out and into a better, happier life.  When he first spoke with a counselor at Narconon Arrowhead, he was reluctant to agree with the fact that he needed help, simply because he didn’t feel that there was really a way for him to be helped.  The counselor refused to give up on him, however, kindly devoting the time and patience C.F. needed in order to realize that coming to Narconon was for his own good, and would certainly help him overcome his problems with substance abuse.

At Narconon C.F. not only rid his body of the physical effects of drug use, but he addressed the underlying reason for his initial choice to use drugs.  No one told him what had happened or how he had to fix it, instead C.F. was guided into realizing for himself what choices he had made and how they had affected his life.  C.F. discovered that as much as he distrusted others around him, he distrusted himself even more.  Rebuilding that self-trust and self-confidence is something that aided C.F. in putting his substance abuse behind him and look toward building a stronger, healthier, happier future.  As he neared the completion of his program, C.F. learned to trust himself and others, and used the tools he had learned on the life skills courses to repair relationships with family and friends.

C.F. feels that the Narconon program saved his life, and he became passionate about helping others save their lives from substance abuse.  After program graduation, C.F. remained at Narconon Arrowhead in order to undergo the extensive training program and become a staff member.  C.F. has now been clean and sober for five months, and thanks the Narconon program and the caring staff for giving him another chance at a happy, healthy life so that he can help others achieve the same successes he has.

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