Narconon Arrowhead Helped Me Find A Way Out

way outThe following is a Narconon Arrowhead graduate review that was written after two years after completing the treatment program.

I started using drugs and alcohol at 13 years of age. I can clearly remember the first time that I drank alcohol. I had run away from home with a good friend of mine thinking that my home life was horrible and that running away would be a quick solution to my problems. On the way out the door my friend and I grabbed several bottles of liquor from my parents liquor cabinet and out the door we went. We stayed the night in some woods near the house in my little pop up two man tent and proceeded to think that we were grown man drinking it up and making it on our own. Well quickly within two days we decided that the home life wasn’t really as bad as we thou ght, it sure did beat living in a tent and eating cold canned soup all day, and we quickly returned home to our parents.

That night began a ten-year struggle of finding myself and drug addiction. You see I always wanted to be the popular guy in school, the captain of the football team, king of the prom and dating the head cheerleader. You know the picture perfect teen life that we all see on TV on a daily basis. I started using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis because it gave me a “COOL” group to be a part of and I truly thought that I had the popularity that I was looking for.

The Drug Use Progressed

Well as the years progressed so did my drug use. I found that I wasn’t just using alcohol and marijuana anymore but was using harder drugs such as pain pills and cocaine. As time progressed along I moved out of my house and got a place of my own with several of my very close friends who also used illicit drugs. This is when my drug use and addiction started to skyrocket. I was using heroin and smoking crack and having to sell drugs just to afford my drug habit, that was $300-$400 a day. I found that I couldn’t even get out of bed to brush my teeth or take a shower unless I had a fix right there on my night stand. I couldn’t start or complete any cycle of action without a drug in my system to help me through the situation. I had absolutely no control over my actions or myself and began to lose all the things that I had worked so hard for. My true friends and family members wouldn’t even speak with me because of all the horrible things that I had done as a result of my drug use. I even used drugs through out the birth of my nephew with no thought of what impression I was making on my family, as a result my sister wouldn’t even speak to me for months. All control had been lost and I felt that I had no choice but to remain an addict for the rest of my life. I had been to AA and NA meetings and they told me that I was powerless and was “once an addict always an addict.” My life had hit rock bottom and I had to find away out.

My Family Found Narconon Arrowhead For Me

I finally decided to inform my parents of the extent of my drug addiction and pleaded for help, as I honestly thought that if I did not quit soon I was going to die. My family was very supportive and found the Narconon program. With in a week I was off to handle my addiction. I must admit that in the beginning I was skeptical that I would be able to live a life without drugs and alcohol, but as time progressed and I completed the steps of the Narconon program I came to the realization that I would never have to use drugs and alcohol again and that I was in full control of my life. You see the Narconon program gave me the tools that I needed to stay at cause over my every day life and taught me how to set goals and determine a battle plan that would enable me to accomplish those goals. I have been clean and sober for over two years now and owe my life and thanks to my family and the Narconon program.
Thank you Narconon.

C.R. Narconon Graduate

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