Narconon Arrowhead Patient Cathy D.’s Story

patientWe’d like to think that every drug addict is really obvious in their behavior and easy to spot. It would be nice if this was true, because then we could tell when a family member needed help or when a potential employee really isn’t the guy you want to go with. While the addictive behaviors of some addicts will be as obvious as a flashing neon sign, others are much more subtle.

Many addicts are what is known as a “functioning addict.” These are people that are addicted to drugs but are still managing to get along in life. Make no mistake – no one is able to stay a functioning addict forever. Sooner or later, drug addiction starts to destroy the life of every hardcore user. They can only keep up the charade for so long before their drug use becomes apparent for all to see and the whole lie comes crashing down.

Realizing that You Can’t Maintain the Lie

Never has this been more true than it was for Cathy D. She was a heavy drinker and cocaine user that had managed to pretend that everything was fine for a long time. Even though she felt emotionally and mentally dead, she was able to stay somewhat alert for at least a while Eventually she realized that her body was dying and that the drugs and alcohol were at fault.

She was so far gone that she eventually realized that she wanted to die. She had wanted to quit, but whenever she tried the pain of withdrawal was so bad that it almost drove her insane. She had to keep on drinking, and nothing she did would help. She tried to go to 12-step meetings but found that they did nothing for her. Dying seemed like a sweet release from all the pain and misery she was going through.

Finding an Answer

Cathy’s lucky break was happening upon a Narconon seminar by accident. She listened to the talk and read through a pamphlet that talked about a sauna program. After going through another multi-day drug binge over the weekend, she finally decided that she had had enough and needed to make a change.

Arriving at Narconon Arrowhead, Cathy couldn’t wait to start the sauna program and to detoxify her body by sweating out all the built-up residues of drugs that she had been using for years. She went in feeling sick and almost dead, but she came out rejuvenated. The sauna program gave her back her vigor for life and a fresh feeling that had been missing for years.

She then went on to do the life skills courses. Having a fresh and ready mind made doing these courses easy. They taught her about communication skills and what she needed to look for in supportive friends. They also helped her spot the evil-intentioned individuals that would try to get her to start using drugs again.

When Cathy went back out into the world, she found that it wasn’t hard to stay sober. She wasn’t feeling the incredible urges to start drinking and using cocaine again. Cathy has been living drug-free ever since leaving Narconon Arrowhead, and she says she owes the program her life. If she hadn’t found Narconon and gone through the program, there is a very good chance that she actually would have died from her drug use.

Cathy now wants the world to know that if she could get past her addiction at Arrowhead, anyone can. All it takes is the desire to get better and the willingness to work hard to achieve it. A new life is ready for those that are willing to go and get it.

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